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Episode 09 - The Holmes Home

January 29, 2018

Our client this week, Jake Holmes, is our dear friend Jimmy Don’s son! He works with his dad in the metal shop, and wanted to stay nearby the shop in his hometown of Crawford, right outside of Waco. Since he was looking to stay close by, he and Jimmy Don decided he could renovate this old home on Jimmy Don’s land. The building hadn’t been updated in years, but it was pretty well-maintained. The real challenge was that the entire house was only 750 square feet. That’s right—a tiny house! Thankfully, this being a bachelor pad meant that Jake only really needed the basics, so with some creativity and a new style direction, we were able to turn this little place into a perfect first house for him.


The inspiration materials I used to interpret the style of the family’s home

In this space I wanted everything to feel really natural and cozy—like a cabin, but also clean and modern. Incorporating the outdoors was at the top of my list, and I also loved the idea of incorporating the nostalgia of a simpler time. Jimmy Don really wanted us to change the pitch of this roof. He was not a fan gambrel roof style, so we changed things up and went with the Salt Box architecture which Jimmy Don and Jake both liked. Overall I went with warm wood tones, a dark, masculine color palette, and modern iron details.


Objective | Create a kitchen that is large enough to be functional without completely reworking the footprint


Objective | Maximize the square footage by being creative with design


Objective | Utilize windows and the new pitch of the roof to make this master bedroom feel large for Jake


Objective | Update the exterior to look like a masculine mountain cabin

I’ve loved getting to work with Jake and Jimmy Don on this one-of-a-kind mountain cabin right in the middle of central Texas. So many of the elements of this home were custom made especially for Jake’s tiny house, making it truly unique. Jake, I hope you enjoy your cozy new bachelor pad! Welcome home.


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  • Jenny
    9:48 am, February 22, 2018
    Love the dark exterior paint color of this home - can you tell me what it is? Thanks!
  • Barbara
    12:00 pm, February 20, 2018
    We've been admiring this great house since we first saw the episode.
    We're renovating my grandparents' Minnesota farm, looking to create a small cottage just like this. Are these plans available for purchase?
    Thanks for any information!
    Have a great week :) :)
  • Brenda
    10:51 am, February 20, 2018
    Curious where the bathroom is...
    • Maria
      10:28 am, February 23, 2018
      Across from the kitchen in the kitchen area.
  • Amanda
    5:39 pm, February 19, 2018
    Love the bedroom paint color...what did you use?!
  • Carolyn
    12:41 pm, February 19, 2018
    Jimmy Don didn't do the floating shelves....I asked on his site and they responded that they weren't made by him. I would really like to know where or by whom those were made as I would love to have a set of those. If anyone knows where, please let me know, and yes IKEA has some, but they are wooden and not metal as is shown in this house.
    • Bobbi
      7:17 pm, February 19, 2018
      The Container Store has some floating metals shelves.
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