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Episode 02 - The Mid Century Modestly Priced House

December 6, 2016



The Morgan family had been through a lot with the recent adoption of their two little girls. I love their story so much that I couldn’t wait to get started with the home they chose and take the stress and worry of renovating right off of their shoulders.

The original style of the Morgan’s house had a modern flair to it, but their personal style was more ranch than modern. I was excited to implement this unique combination of clean lines, iron accents, and wood elements to design a modern ranch for this sweet family to enjoy.



Objective: Combine the kitchen and dining rooms to conserve space.


Objective: Create a practical living space for the Morgan family to gather and spend time together. Add a small office nook for kids to study and use the family computer.


Objective: Surprise the Morgans by finishing out their kids’ rooms.


interview with


Q. How has this experience affected your day to day life?

A. Just living in the home, we feel like every morning we wake up in a vacation cabin. It feels refreshing, like a sweet gift.

Q. Do the kids have a favorite part about their rooms? If so, what?

A. Yes, our son loves his built in desk and the loft bed. He goes in there for homework and loves to sit up on the loft and read. He’s really enjoyed his room. As for the girls, they love their beds. It was designed to be like a doll house, so they like to play tea parties and I think it makes them feel like princesses.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the house?

A. We loved the front windows and the kitchen. The open space really brings our whole family together. Anytime I’m cooking, the kids are able to be involved.


This was such a special family and I loved getting the opportunity to work with the Morgans. We had so much fun designing the surprise spaces for the kids and I love how the project turned out as a whole!



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  • Sarah
    9:07 pm, February 3, 2018
    Q: is the glass portrait affixed to the stove backsplash custom? Where would I be able to find it?
  • Jodi
    4:44 pm, February 3, 2018
    What is the boys room walls done with, the wood part?
  • LastGeraldine
    7:45 pm, January 12, 2018
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  • Beverly L Turner
    5:59 pm, January 4, 2018
    Is there anyway to get the specs on the kitchen light fixture?
  • Andrea G Paredes
    8:18 pm, December 10, 2017
    Joanna and Chip. I'm certain you guy's don't care what people like I think or say. BUT!! My hubby and I are currently in the process of buying a house. As big fans of your show. We were excited about transforming this house into our home!! After saving our pennies for over a year we enthusiastically walked into a local furniture store ready to invest our blood sweat and tears on your line of furniture. I knew all we could afford would go on just two pieces. The china cabinet and farmhouse table. On closer examination of the pieces I felt like my niece did at World Disney a couple years ago when she found out that the princesses didn't really live in the castle!! Her anticipation to see the inside of the castle was so great that she could not enjoy the theme park till she went inside that castle that didn't open till six o'clock in the evening!! (we arrived around 10 am) Six came around and as we walked in the castle she almost turned pale!!! She instantly demanded we speak with the manager!! She protested in tears!! what is this she cried (literally) how can they be allowed to do this to little girls!! How dare these awful people trick little girls into believing these princesses were real and living in a castle. Even building a castle and then having a business inside!! Let's just go she cried in sincere heartbreak.... her slightly older sister scoffing at her for being so dumb in believing this was real!! We tried to calm her and offered to return the next day so that she could have a good time at the theme park, however there was no consoling her. we left then and there. What disillution when I took a close look at this famous farmhouse style "Magnolia Home Line." Farmhouse table was damaged and the construction material was clearly visible..... It was faux wood. looked like glued stacked cardboards !! Soon after the salesman walked up to us and I asked, "Is this table not made of real wood?" He replied they too were just as disappointed to see the poor quality materials the furniture was made of...... my heart truly sank. He further said that their service department was having a difficult time with this Magnolia Home Furniture. The adorable couple my hubby and I watched for years on TV almost RIP US OFF!!! I would much rather not be able to afford one piece of your furniture than spend our hard earned money on something that was not worth the paper it was pictured on. You have kids and know the importance of good quality furniture. Not having to worry about material that can't be wiped clean with a damp cloth because material will swell leaving the piece looking unattractive. Furniture that could not be passed down from generation to generation. So discouraging. You seemed like an honest hard working couple who knew the value of a hard days work... This speaks volumes. Serves me right for believing in TV characters!! Feel so stupid for feeling so neighborly because we live so close. Mama was right can't always trust your neighbor!!
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