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Episode 01 - The Gorman Story

November 11, 2015

The Gorman Story

This stunning home in Waco, Texas didn’t have such a promising future just a few months ago. The 2,600 square foot house built in 1930 was old, dilapidated, filthy, falling apart, and most of all, uninhabitable. After years of neglect, it became a den for hoarders. The City of Waco resorted to “green tagging” the home, declaring it not safe for occupancy. Upon seeing this house, Charmaine and Chuck were a little scared of the house at first, but trusted Chip and Jo to put their hands to work and restore it.

Charmaine and Chuck wanted to see the home become functional for their family while maintaining the original character and charm. The existing floor plan was awkward and closed off and offered no space for their daughter to play. Joanna and Chip transformed this house into a beautiful home and couldn’t wait to reveal the project on the first episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper!








Gorman-2-500x333 Gorman-6-500x333

Hand crafted island: Harp Design Co


Living Room



Sitting Room


{All interior photos by Molly Winn Photography}


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  • Sandrs
    4:40 pm, March 24, 2018
    Could I have the paint colors on the outside of the house
  • karen cole
    2:48 pm, March 14, 2018
    Could I please have the green paint color in the living room on the Catastrophe house?
  • Susan Summerlot
    7:18 pm, February 9, 2018
    My husband and i just bought a traditional farmhouse in the historic town of Mount Vernon Indiana built in 1940,it has alot of character,the previous owner was handicaped and not able to finish the house mainly upstairs, no plaster or paint on the walls in the hallway and in the room which will eventually be my 10 year olds room ,he has mild autism and would like to make it a room he can be proud of, i would like to paint the entire house however im not sure what colors, the kitchen needs major help, would like to design it with coastal colors since we love the beach and i love mermaids.
  • Sonja Hubbard
    2:32 am, January 7, 2018
    Love they work.. Its amazing how much love they have for the work they provide. You can tell that they take the time to listen to what the clients wants.
  • Fariha bhatti
    12:16 am, December 29, 2017
    Hi Jojo and Chip,
    My name is Fariha, I’m a disabled person living with my mom and dad. Dad is retired and mom was always a house wife. Life has become tough as we are living on SSI. We are looking for a house for ourselves, we don’t have big budget. Owning our own is a big dream. We watch your show with such big enthusiasm. It give us a hope that maybe one day we will be able to own our home one day. Our budget is hundred and fifty thousands to two hundred thousands. We would like to stay on the low side of our budget.
    We need three bedrooms and two and half baths. Open floor plan with nice cozy, warm and homey kitchen.
    Ranch style will be ideal for us., as mom and dad are getting old, so stairs are becoming challenging.
    We like crafman style home. Please help us find a home.
    Really looking forward to hear back from you.
    Happy Holidays and Happy new year.
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