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DIY Linen Covered Books

February 19, 2016

DIY Linen Covered Books

Joanna loves using books in her home and in her design projects. They add texture, make the perfect pedestals for candles, and look great on shelving and coffee tables. But when you’re trying to keep your color palette muted, finding the perfect color of books is a challenge. So today we wanted to share this simple DIY on wrapping books in white and natural linen fabric.

living room

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Books of any sort (we used antique books from a secondhand book store)
  • White and/or tan linen fabric—whichever you prefer. We used some of both.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pinking Shears

Refer to directional graphic below while reading instructions on cutting and folding.linen book diagram

  1. Begin by laying out your linen and cutting a large enough square that the covers of your book will be able to be completely covered, leaving 1-2 inches of excess all the way around. We used pinking shears in order to minimize fraying.
  2. Open your book and set it on your linen square with the spine in the center. Hot glue the front cover’s inner edge. Your book’s words should be facing upward.

LinenBooks_Magnolia (10 of 50) (1)

  1. Fold your linen over the inside of the front cover and allow a few seconds to dry – Repeat this step with the back cover.
  2. Cut two slits on either side of the spine using your regular scissors (see graphic)
  3. Cut slits beside either side’s pages (see graphic)
  4. Using your slits by the pages, trim off excess at an angle on both the front and back covers. (see graphic)
  5. Hot glue the excess down on either side.
  6. Trim your leftover spine flaps and glue to the inner edge of the spine, being careful not to burn your finger.

And that’s it! Remember as you’re going that the basic premise is like wrapping a gift. If your edges aren’t perfectly cut and glued, no one will really ever see.

Display your books showing the spines to keep your muted color palette, or even the pages to add warmth to your space.


Remember, tag us on Instagram (@magnoliamarket) if you try this out yourself!


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