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Design Tips from the No Place Like Home apartment

March 13, 2018

Tonight’s episode was a new adventure for us—a loft! This was our first loft to feature on the show, and it came with its own set of design challenges. My favorite room from the No Place Like Home apartment is the office/guest room/library combo. Here are a few ideas for renovating an apartment space like this one!


Catherine wanted a spare bedroom for guests, a home office, and a library area, but we only had enough square footage to build one room. With an apartment building we didn’t have the option of expanding out…so we decided to build up. By opening up the ceilings, it gave us a lot more usable space to build a lofted guest bed in this room. We asked our friend, Dustin, to build this bed and the glass and metal wall structure that we designed. This framed wall made the space feel even larger. From there, we had plenty of square footage on the ground to build shelving for the library and a desk. In a small room like this one, every inch counts. For your own home, when you need a room to serve a specific purpose but have limited space to work with, get creative and think outside the box. Combining rooms could be a good solution.


In here we used a matte black paint on the walls and then lightened it with other design details in the room—like the flooring, rug and furniture. Don’t be afraid of dark paint colors! Even bold shades can be balanced out by the other elements in your space.


I wanted to incorporate the color blue, so we did a lot of color blocking in this space using different shades. Choose a color you love and incorporate it throughout your space using books. I love the way this bookshelf turned out using so many different blue tones.

I’ll be sharing all of the before and after photos of this apartment on Monday! Thank you for watching with us tonight. Be sure to comment below and let me know which room from this episode was your favorite.



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  • Stephanie Crawford
    11:16 am, March 20, 2018
    Anyone know where to find the stainless steel island? I've looked at kitchen sites but nothing with drawers like that!
  • Katie
    2:13 pm, March 19, 2018
    I love the light fixture above the island in the kitchen and want it for my house I am just about finished fully renovating. where can I get it at??
  • lisa hampton
    11:22 am, March 19, 2018
    I would love to know where the bathroom ladder shelf came from? looking on several sites can't seem to find anything similar!!
  • Katie
    11:43 pm, March 18, 2018
    Is there any way of finding out what the wood floor is in this beautiful loft space!?
    Love everything you do!
  • Christina
    3:38 pm, March 18, 2018
    I really love the idea of glass walls to define a space. If someone wants privacy, full length curtains can be added. The loft feel is comfortable and relaxing. I hope we see more of this design concept as people remodel existing spaces or new construction.
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