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DIY Setting a Springtime Table

April 2, 2015

There is something extra special about gathering around the table for a meal with family, isn’t there? It’s so nice to pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, have a seat, and catch up after a long day at work or school with the family. Though it’s true that this is definitely not something you’ll always have time to do, every now and then it makes an ordinary lunch feel extra special by setting a pretty table.

Today we’re going to demonstrate how easy it can be to set a pretty spring table without breaking the bank (or your back.)


This particular table setting would be beautiful for Easter or anytime during Spring. We used flowers and produce from the grocery store combined with artificial greenery. Not only does faux greenery cut down on costs, but you’re able to keep enjoying it even after the flowers have wilted.
There are many ways to arrange a centerpiece and it really is all your own preference. You might like very symmetrical and simple arrangements, while others prefer something a little more organic and loose.
– Choose an interesting vessel to hold your arrangement, we chose this wooden crate.
– Line the bottom of the crate with plastic – we used a black trash bag.
TIP: Check your local florist for wooden floral boxes, which already include a plastic liner.
– Measure and cut foam oasis to size of container (you can find these at the florist or craft store.)
– Soak oasis in water until it no longer floats and place in your container.
– We started with the larger flowers first. (the Hydrangeas)
TIP: Dip the freshly cut stem of the Hydrangea in alum (available in the spice section of your grocery store) as this will ensure the hydrangeas last longer after they’re put in your foam oasis.
– We then insered the tulips, making sure we cut them in varying heights for interest and balance.
– Insert some taller greenery.
– For the apples, we used a floral skewer and inserted it at the bottom of the apple.
– Place apples in container, hiding some of the floral oasis and filling in any gaps.
– Similarly, take additional greenery and place around the container, making sure all sides look balanced.
– We chose to add a couple of pink tulips for a fun pop of color.
– Lastly, we placed moss in between the slats of the crate to conceal the foam.
To make the table feel cohesive, we placed a pink tulip on each setting and tied them with simple twine. We also scattered some of the green apples throughout the table to tie in the centerpiece even more.
These glass votives surrounded by moss were easy to make and add an extra touch of green to the table.
Simply place some double sided tape around a glass votive, glue some moss to the tape and secure with green thread by tying it around the votive a couple of times.
Family time is meant to be stress free and enjoyable, so have fun with it. Use unexpected items, shop around your home before you head to the store, and most importantly, remember to do it with love! It’s not the fancy china or the elaborate meals that makes this table special, but rather who you’re sharing it with!


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  • Whitney
    8:39 am, April 14, 2015
    As I am moving into my new apartment, your blog posts are so helpful! I love all of your creations! Keep it up!
  • Mary Price
    4:01 pm, April 9, 2015
    Looks beautiful! Thanks again for sharing your talents with the world - and following The call on your life. It is evident in your tv show as you and Chip treat each other so well! Respectfully and lovingly - something lacking in our world these days. It speaks volumes! :) God continue to bless you!
  • Annie Guadango
    7:36 pm, April 8, 2015
    No matter where I go, I hear everyone talk about 'Fixer Upper'. Even while I was getting my tootsies painted, we were all gabbing how we wish you two came to Jersey to fix all of our fixer uppers! I love your show!
  • Ashley carter
    12:48 pm, April 8, 2015
    My family and I love to DVR your shows and catch up on them when we aren't busy working! I'm a special education teacher at a local elementary school and along with working with my amazing students and my own 2 children, I love working and finding purpose in old things! I love distressed wood, vintage trinkets, and shopping for bargains at auctions! My 5 year old son made a wish today at a water fountain in town, as he threw in the penny he said "I wish I could be a construction worker. I wish I could work on demo day on Fixer Upper." He made me laugh out loud!! Thank you so much for the inspiration you give me and for having a funny and amazing show that even my 5 year old has grown to love. I just wanted to share that with you ;)
    Have a great day! If you're ever in Kentucky stop by our old 1900 farmhouse for a visit! I'd love to show you around. Keep dreaming big!!
  • Rosalee Spencer
    1:17 pm, April 7, 2015
    This arrangement is so clean, fresh and simple---makes it look very elegant, yet homey. A beautiful idea and definitely one to copy. Thank you
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