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DIY Botanical Hanging Print

March 20, 2015

As you’ve seen on the show, I love to decorate with beautiful vintage pieces and rare finds. These pieces not only add character, but they also tell a story. One of my favorite design tips is mixing old with new so that your rooms have character and feel unique to your personal style.


A favorite piece we’ve used when decorating are these beautiful antique botanical prints. Unfortunately, these can at times be difficult to find and potentially very pricey, so we thought we would show you a fun and easy way to make your own botanical hanging print.


There are many websites that provide free botanical art to download, but please ensure you respect and adhere to their distribution and use policies. For this particular print, we used Botanicus.org. Botanicus is a free, web-based encyclopedia of digitized historic, botanical literature from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library. You can read more about it here.
There are pages and pages full of beautiful art prints for you to choose from, with this particular image found on page 239.
– Go here and scroll through the page list on the left side of your screen. There are pages full of text, but to view the prints, scroll down until you see “plate 1” and click on it.
– You can toggle from page to page and browse through the prints.
– Click on download on the top of the page. This will download the entire book, which is a 32 mb PDF file. As it is a PDF, you cannot download  single pages, but will need to download the entire book.
– Once downloaded, you can select the image you like and print.
Assembling your poster:
Materials needed:
– A botanical print enlarged to desired size. You can have it printed at your local Staples or print shop, and you can choose whichever paper you want. This one had a bit of a sheen to it, but a matte version would look great as well. (This print measures 24″x 36″)
– 2 X 7/8″ dowels
– Twine or rope
– Hot Glue, staples or thumb tacks
– 2 eye hooks
– Wood Stain (optional; we used Special Walnut)
Cut dowels 1″ longer than poster (leaving you 0.5″ either side of the print).
Stain dowels if desired and allow to dry completely.
Insert eye hooks to either side of dowels.
Place a thin bead of hot glue along the bottom of the print and attach to the dowel. Alternatively, you can also use staples or thumbtacks to attach print to dowel. Repeat this at the top of the print.
Thread twine or rope trough eye hooks and secure with a knot.
These can of course can be printed smaller (or larger) and displayed in frames as part of a gallery wall, or simply hung with with large paper clips and changed from season to season. Enjoy!
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  • Christine Flick
    6:22 pm, August 22, 2017
    I enjoy your talents.
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  • Ame
    8:04 am, June 6, 2017
    Oh, my goodness!!!!! Thank you for the link. Downloaded and sent off to Staples
  • Nikole
    8:55 am, May 11, 2017
    How did you extract the individual photos from the pdf? I'm having some difficulty extracting while keeping the image clean. Screenshot/snapshot does not work well when enlarging an image
    • Jennifer
      2:57 pm, November 30, 2017
      Did you figure this out? I'm struggling with the same thing!
    • Aimee
      9:44 pm, December 21, 2017
      If you open the pdf if in Adobe Acrobat you can extract a specific page or pages and save a new doc. Alternately you can open your pdf, select file/print and choose "save as pdf" in the dropdown instead of your printer. You can select which page/pages to save.
  • Shea
    4:52 pm, April 25, 2017
    Wonderful DIY project. I found a page out of the same book for a hops plant (Humulus lupulus) and made a large print for a friend that brews beer as a hobby. It turned out beautifully!
    • Shea
      4:53 pm, April 25, 2017
      I used a matte paper instead of one with a satin finish, I think it looks better with the matte!
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