Fall at Magnolia Market: 2023

Published on August 17, 2023

One of the hallmark ways we welcome a new season at Magnolia is through the visual transformation of Magnolia Market, our flagship shop at the Silos where we sell decor, souvenirs, and apparel. The shift into fall is one of our favorite transitions—as the leaves turn gold and the weather eventually cools, we welcome that change inside as well.

Here, we’re sharing a look at how our Visual Team transformed the Market for fall.

The Inspiration

As our team considered how to tell the story of fall inside the shop, the forest came to mind. A whimsical woodland scene complete with towering trees, oversized acorns, and wild animals became the inspiration for this season’s displays.

The Vision

First, our team sketched four installations to be placed throughout the Market: a three-dimensional forest vignette on the entryway wall, a life-sized tree branch filled with oversized acorns and oak leaves, and two whimsical forest animal vignettes.

Take a look at some of their sketches here:

The Final Displays

Once the sketches were complete, the team began the work of bringing each installation to life. That typically involves choosing materials, developing patterns, and confirming the size and scale of each piece. Here’s a closer look into the process.

Forest Wall

As soon as you step inside Magnolia Market this season, you’re greeted by a three-dimensional forest vignette on the wall to your left. This wall is a collection of five raw wood panels, each meticulously painted with gouache and acrylics in a watercolor style by artist Rebecca Weller, then stacked to create a fall woodland scene.

With each layer, the colors recede and lighten, providing the illusion of depth and receding space. Around the perimeter, a custom delft pattern was painted to resemble blue China dishes—a subtle nod to the return of shared meals around the table with loved ones, a staple of the fall.

The phrase “See the world in a new way” is painted at the top of the wall—an acknowledgement of our seasonal theme: perspective.

Oak Branch

Straight ahead, a tree branch with oversized acorns and oak leaves hangs over a pedestal table. Each leaf was sculpted from heat form plastic, then hand painted in an ombre pattern and finished with a glaze to give it a ceramic appearance. Together, the leaves transition from bright green to deep yellow and orange-brown, alluding to the changes of the season.

The acorns were crafted with insulation foam, carved and sanded into shape then covered in resin and hand painted with the same delft pattern found on the entry wall.

Life-sized squirrels painted with delft patterns sit on and under the table.

Squirrel Vignette

In the kitchen area of the shop, you’ll find a whimsical scene of life-sized squirrels gathering walnuts. Each squirrel was crafted from a taxidermy form with a custom-carved foam tail. After applying felt skin and resin, the team then sanded and smoothed each one to prepare for painting. The same custom delft pattern showcased in other displays was hand painted on each squirrel.

Deer Vignette

Near the back of the shop, a life-sized hand painted doe and fawn are poised beneath another oak tree branch. As with the squirrels, each one started as a taxidermy form with custom-produced ears, tails, and hooves.

Fall in Every Form

Along with the beautiful handcrafted displays from our Visual Team, our fall collection of decor and apparel puts the season on display throughout the Market.

Here are a few more snapshots from around the shop:

Experience it in Waco

Pictures don’t do justice to the incredible detail and beauty crafted by our Visual Team, which is why we hope you’ll make a trip to the Silos this fall to experience what they’ve created.

In the meantime, usher the season into your own space with our new fall collection.

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