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Summer at Magnolia Market: 2024

by Magnolia
Published on May 17, 2024

Magnolia Market is dressed with summer displays, like a scalloped canopy, faux florals, candles, cookbooks, and more.

Sweet, sweet summertime. These are the days that beckon us to slow down and remember. Lazy afternoons. Bare feet and windblown hair. Tomatoes off the vine. Cannonballs in the pool. And ice cream…more than once a day.

This season at Magnolia, we’re exploring the theme of “reclaim,” a discovery of what it means to take back summer and return to the simple joys that make us feel whole. (Read Jo’s thoughts on reclaim here.)

Without further ado, here’s a look at how our Visual Display Team tethered this theme to the summer displays inside Magnolia Market!

The Inspiration

A collage features inspiration for Magnolia Market summer displays.

An ode to nostalgia and capturing candid moments, each display was inspired by the ease of outdoor living. Color comes to life via vintage, vibrant hues and pattern meets texture for an effortlessly collected feel.

The Vision

Each season, the team sits down to put their dreams on paper. They sketch out each display by hand before getting to work on bringing them to life. Here’s a look inside their summer sketchbook:

Display sketches for Magnolia Market summer displays.

The Final Displays

Once finalized, the team gets to work making sketches a reality.


Summer at Magnolia Market: 2024

When you first step inside Magnolia Market, you’ll see a large acrylic painting by talented artist and Magnolia WorkshopsOpens in new tab host Rebecca Weller. It was painted by hand on a canvas, then stretched over a large wooden frame for display. Nodding to our seasonal theme of reclaim, retro typography reads “taking back summer” on the bottom. The nostalgic design is similar to one you might find on a vintage postcard. (Fun fact: This painting pairs back to art featured on the manifesto page in the summer 2024 issue of Magnolia Journal.)


A wicker canopy tops a table filled with products inside Magnolia Market.

As you continue inside, you’ll see a vintage biergarten folding table made with reclaimed wood sourced from a lumber yard. Our team painted the legs a custom green color Jo loves, and planed and stained the wood by hand to create a cohesive tone across all displays.

A wicker canopy covers the table, previously used in last summer’s berry cart. Since we’ve been loving scallops so much this season (in decor, too!), our talented team engineered and prototyped reed scallops that were then woven onto the existing canopy.


A tree display inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.

Last spring, our team created a sprawling tree with foraged branches they grafted together. It was so beautiful, they decided to keep it on display this season—swapping spring cherry blossoms for summer foliage. To achieve a lively green shade, they spray-painted leaves before affixing them to branches.

The display tables surrounding the base of the tree were also painted green to pair back to the table at the front of the store. Topped with essentials like break-resistant plates, baskets, plate covers, and more, you’ll find everything you need for a picnic outdoors.


A tree branch display hangs over kitchen and tabletop pieces inside Magnolia Market.

To the right, near the front of the store, you’ll see a large branch hanging above the kitchen displays. This branch was created using the same technique as the tree at the back of the store, just on a smaller scale.

The wicker basket display underneath highlights some of our summer tabletop pieces, including the Luna Collection.

The Bloom Bar

Faux florals are lined up inside Magnolia Market.
Faux florals sit amid vases in Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
The Grain Barn in Magnolia Market is filled with faux flowers and greenery.

Downstairs in the Grain Barn, you’ll find a lineup of florals and vases ready for you to mix, match, and create a flourishing display. Just choose a vase, then fill it with faux stems that can spark joy in your home all season long.

Not sure what to pair? Jo put together a few of her favorite duos, available at Magnolia Market or right here on

More to See

Our summer collection is brimming with down-to-earth pieces that capture the same nostalgic charm seen throughout our displays this season. Take a look around!

Summer product collections sit on a wooden display inside Magnolia Market.
Home decor sits on black shelving inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
Baskets of peach and white faux florals sit at the front of Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
Bowls, artwork, bud vases, and more sit on a scalloped wooden wall shelf in Magnolia Market.
Blue and white break-resistant plates, picnic baskets, tea towels, and more sit on a table display inside Magnolia Market.
Magnolia kitchen linens sit on a wooden table inside Magnolia Market.
Magnolia tea towels, kitchen candles, and more are on display.
Magnolia kitchen tools and cookbooks sit in glass jars.

Thanks for following along! We hope you’ll join us this summer at the Silos. Sweet tea awaits!


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