Spring at Magnolia Market: 2024

by Magnolia
Published on February 29, 2024

Handmade pink flowers hang above a spring display in Magnolia Market.

Possibility. It’s a feeling that permeates the air every spring. After months of cold days and cozy nights, the sun begins to warm the ground beneath us—renewing beauty and unearthing potential that was there all along.

Our Visual Display Team has been hard at work dreaming up ways they could bring this spring theme—possibility—to life inside Magnolia Market. Which brings us to this: a behind-the-scenes look at how they transformed our shop for the season.

The Inspiration

This installation feels extra special. Each display was inspired by a trip the Gaines family took to Seoul, South Korea, last year—where Jo’s mom was born and raised and where her parents met more than 50 years ago. (Read more on that here or in the spring issue of Magnolia Journal!)

As an ode to cherry blossom season in Seoul, our team incorporated Korean architecture and flowers into each handcrafted display that you’ll find inside our shop here in Waco, Texas.

The Vision

Each season, our team dreams up ideas—then puts pen to paper. Here are a few of their initial sketches for spring displays:

Spring at Magnolia Market: 2024

Final Displays

Once drawings are finalized, our team gets to work bringing their vision to life. Below, we’re breaking down the details of each creation.

Possibility Wall

A wall in Magnolia Market reads "possibility in full bloom" and is surrounded by wooden slats and handmade flowers.

When you first enter Magnolia Market, you’re greeted with an eye-catching wall that features vertical wood slats and a grid on each end, nodding to traditional Korean window shutters. The wall is centered with a circle that reads “possibility in full bloom” surrounded by handmade cherry blossoms. The blossoms were shaped using moldable plastic, then covered in utility fabric and treated with a light pink color. The green leaves lining the stems and enveloping the blooms were also made of utility fabric that was dyed, then painted by hand.

The flower centers were made using foam balls adorned with wire stamens that reach up and out for a 3D, textured appearance.

Wooden Circle + Blooms

A circle made of wooden slats hangs over a spring display inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
Handmade blossoms hang above a spring candle inside Magnolia Market.

Just past the entrance is a circular structure (made of vertical wooden slats that pair back to the wall display) surrounded by clusters of more handmade cherry blossoms. The pedestal-style table below it is topped with Fresh Start Candles (our seasonal scent for spring), stacks of Magnolia Table, Volume 3, and a jar brimming with faux greenery.

Cherry Blossom Tree

A blossoming tree display sits inside Magnolia Market next to white vases.
A sprawling tree display inside Magnolia Market is surrounded by spring product and a crate made of wooden slats.

Toward the back of the store, you’ll see a sprawling tree made using foraged branches that our team grafted together. The leaves were dyed and bundled by hand to make stems, and the bounty of blooms interspersed throughout the branches are faux cherry blossom stems, formerly sold at Magnolia Market.

Tree Branch

A foraged branch hangs above crates, candles, and cookbooks inside Magnolia Market.

The large branch hanging above the kitchen displays was created through the same process as the cherry blossom tree near the back of the store—just on a smaller scale. Under the branch, you’ll also see crates made with wooden slats. Our team included these on many of the displays to correspond with the Korean shutter-inspired pieces at the front of the store.

More in the Market

When you step inside Magnolia Market, you’re immersed in the fullness of spring—from the scents in the air to the sun-soaked colors of our product collections to the bounty of blooms at every turn. Here’s a closer look at what’s filling our shelves this season:

Kitchen pieces—like strainers, bowls, boards, and more—sit on shelves in Magnolia Market.
Vases and faux tulips on display inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
Magnolia Market dressed in spring displays and product in Waco, Texas.

Plan Your Spring Trip

An artist paints at Spring at the Silos in Waco, Texas.

If you’re looking for spring break plans, we’ve got an idea! Meet us in Waco, Texas for our annual Spring at the Silos event, happening March 8–9 & 15–16. We’ll be celebrating springtime with two weekends of surprises, delights, and free fun the whole family can enjoy.

Spring has always been one of our favorite seasons here—our gardens are made for this time of year! Stop by over the next few months to see these beautiful displays up close, stroll through flourishing flowers, and maybe find a thing (or two) you love from Magnolia Market, Magnolia Home, and our six boutique-style Shops at the Silos.


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