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Winter at Magnolia Market: 2023

by Magnolia
Published on December 4, 2023

Cooler air with a new year rounding the corner can invite us to draw inward and come together—all at once. With the winter months come opportunities to reflect on a year’s worth of memories while gathering with the people we love.

Seasons are special to us at Magnolia, and one of our favorite ways to mark each one is by transforming Magnolia Market with thematic displays. This winter, we’re exploring the theme of connection—a celebration of what brings us together.

Here, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how our Visual Display Team brought “connection” to life in the Market this year.

The Inspiration

Inspiration photos for the 2023 winter installation at Magnolia Market.

When our team considered what connection could look like, one of the first things that came to mind was a post office—the kind you might stumble upon on a small-town street decked out for the holidays. For centuries, letter writing has been a timeless way to stay connected to loved ones near and far. This sentiment, paired with interlocking velvet chains, felt right to symbolize connectivity in our shop this season.

The Vision

Each season, our Visual Display Team starts with sketches before bringing inspiration to life. Here are some of their initial mockup drawings:

Sketches for the winter installation at Magnolia Market in 2023.

Final Displays

Once the drawings were finalized, the team got to work turning sketches to reality. Here’s a closer look at the final handcrafted displays, plus the process behind each:

Post Office Wall

A post office wall at Magnolia Market.

The first thing you see upon entry is a large post office wall. Reading “Magnolia Post” at the very top, this main display features truly vintage keyed letterboxes mounted on faux brick paneling surrounded by stacks of oversized kraft parcels—each topped with thick, red ribbon tied into a bow.

A post office wall at Magnolia Market.
A post office wall at Magnolia Market.
Kraft gift boxes with red velvet bows inside Magnolia Market.

Our team crafted the faux brick with joint compound and paint, and the letterboxes you see are found, vintage PO boxes. They hand flocked the boxes to look like velvet and lettered both the mail slot (with vintage envelopes inside) and parcel sign above the window by hand.

Mailboxes + Street Lamp

Flocked velvet mailboxes inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.

Centering the store, you’ll next find a cluster of three vintage mailboxes surrounded by snow drifts, kraft gift boxes stacked on a sled, faux evergreen trees, and a lamppost. Each of these mailboxes were also flocked by hand for a velvety appearance, pairing with the PO boxes on the wall and chains strung throughout the store. Fun fact: The hanging mailbox on the side of the post was color matched to Jo’s snowsuit on the cover of the winter 2023 issue of Magnolia Journal!

The snow piles were each made from insulation foam, then covered in epoxy resin and faux snow for a glistening appearance.

Velvet Chains

Velvet paper chains strung over displays inside Magnolia Market.

Reminiscent of the paper chains you might have crafted as a kid, counting down the days to Christmas, these strands were made from stiffened velvet fabric in three tonal hues—blush, spice, and beet red.

Each was cut individually by hand, then linked together by the team as an ode to connection. Draped throughout the store, these nostalgic chains serve as a backdrop to merchandise and other winter displays in the Market.

Mailbox Wall

Flocked velvet mailboxes hung on the cash wrap wall inside Magnolia Market.

Jo and the team loved the wall-mounted PO boxes near the entrance of the store, so they decided to add more flocked- velvet mailboxes to the front wall of the Market, where guests come to check out.

From Wall to Wall

From Visual Display to Merchandising, each of our talented teams do a beautiful job of filling our shop with displays and curated products that speak to the season. Here’s a peek at what’s on our shelves this winter!

Magnolia kitchen and tabletop pieces on a display table.
An ornaments display next to greenery inside Magnolia Market.
A styled mantel and shelf inside Magnolia Market.
Garland and wreaths inside Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.

Winter in Waco

We hope you'll join us for winter in Waco! It may not snow often in Texas, but you’re sure to find glistening drifts inside Magnolia Market all season long.

The Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas during the winter.

P.S. Along with transforming our market for the season, we also flip our menus! Explore An Inside Guide to Food at the Silos to see what festive flavors you can expect.


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