Spring at Magnolia

by Joanna Gaines
Published on February 12, 2019

It’s that time again—our team has transformed the shop for a new season! I’m excited to share the stories you’ll see this season in the Magnolia Journal brought to life through the displays in the Market. Watch our install video to see how it all came together a few weekends back...

This spring, the theme we’re unpacking in the Journal and throughout the Market is authenticity. At times it feels like we’re living in a “filtered” world, and authenticity is something we all crave. Read a few more thoughts on authenticity from the magazine hereOpens in new tab.

This wall is one of the first displays you’ll notice when you walk into the shop. It was made to look storied and old, almost as if it’s in the process of being demolished. As the layers are peeled back to reveal the original wall, you begin to see its true form. I think this may be my favorite display this season.

To build it, the team started with a base of concrete and layered dyed plaster on top of that. They then exposed the different layers by peeling and sanding away at it. You may recognize the quote “The world needs who you were made to be” from the cover of this spring’s issue of the Journal. I love the way this quote and the umbrellas tie the magazine’s cover and this display together.

These umbrellas are made out of plaster, almost as if they are coming out of the wall itself. I love the way they complement the wall and tell a similar story. Each umbrella has a specific pattern or detail to it that is formed into the plaster—telling a unique story on its own.

When you walk past the floating umbrella display in the shop, you’ll see hundreds of these handmade pink and white saucer magnolia flowers attached to a large, tree-like branch. The branch itself was foraged here in Waco, and the team made these flowers from tissue paper. Each individual bloom was hand-dyed and hand-cut, so every flower is one of a kind. They made 1,147 of them in total! You can also find them displayed in the bakery and Magnolia Table.

Check out our DIY blogOpens in new tab that walks you through the process of making these flowers at home!

The photo on the left hand side above is a preliminary sketch of what the team first showed me when they were planning for the flowering branch display. I love looking back at these sketches and seeing how the concept on paper translated so beautifully into real life.

Another element that really stands out are the bee hives that hang in a cluster over the kitchen island. There is a story in the Journal on honey, which is where this idea first came together. The hives are wrapped in rope, which brings in different textures as well as earthy honey tones to the space.

The team was also able to source a bunch of beehive boxes from a local apiary. You’ll see them stacked on the shiplap wall to the right when you walk in the entrance to the Market, housing glass jars from our spring collectionOpens in new tab.

Last but not least, you’ll find a garden shed meets flower market display that houses stems, vases and wreaths. The idea is that you can choose your vase and then easily try out each stem until you find the right one. This is one of our most interactive displays, and my hope is that you feel like you’re actually in a flower market, building your own arrangement.

Watching the stories from the Journal come to life in the Market is always my favorite part of a fresh season—our visual team is so talented!

Here are a few more of my favorite photos from this spring at the Market:

Click to download this phone background inspired by the wall in the Market. And be sure to share your photos from the Market with us by using the hashtag #themarketwall.