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Spring at Magnolia Market: 2021

by Magnolia
Published on March 9, 2021

Depending on where you live, the weather outside may not reflect sunny skies and blooming flowers just yet. But spring has arrived at Magnolia Market, and we are so excited to share how the season is coming to life through our displays, products, and the stories we tell.

This season, we are resetting our definition of time—believing that it isn’t something to lose, but something we get to choose. It’s not a burden; it’s a gift. And even though it can feel like the world seems to demand more of us than the hours in a day allow, we can choose to embrace time as our own.

Inspired by Jo’s reflections in the spring issue of Magnolia Journal, the display team transformed the market to visually bring to life the theme of Time Well Spent. From the larger-than-life depictions of tulips in bloom to the quote on the wall, we are reminded to behold the beauty of the here and now.

Take a look at the planning and details from this  season’s install!

Large Tulips

These large tulips greet visitors as soon as they walk through the doors of the market. The petals were made from stretched crepe paper, which was hand-dyed to create each flower’s unique color. Then the paper was sealed with a clear resin. To secure the flowers, stems were made from copper pipe covered in clay and pressed with crepe paper to carry out the texture of the petals.

Tulip Leaves

To make the leaves, the team used a specific type of felt with multiple wires and one copper tube hand-sewn to match the length of the leaves. Then, the felt was steamed, which allowed the material to shrink with the heat and stretch while hot. The felt was then coated in glue to create a stiff surface.

Next, the leaves were coated in a spackle and paint medium to create texture, dry-brushed once both sides were coated, and covered with a matte green-tinted paint medium for color.

Beholding the Beauty of Here and Now: Wall

Using graphite and charcoal, the display team wanted to create a scientific, botanical-style wall that showcased every detail of a tulip.

By including a large tulip and the bulb that it grew from, we’re reminded that growth comes with time. This notion is carried throughout the store with all the varying sizes of tulips.

Small, Hanging Tulips

To celebrate the organic and delicate shape of petals, the team created this hanging display to represent tulips in bloom.

Each tulip petal was hand-cut out of crepe paper, then glued with darts and wire to stretch each petal to its proper shape. The petals were then dipped in wax multiple times to give a slightly luminous appearance. To form the flower, 5-6 petals were twisted together and then painted with a transparent tint. The team used copper wire to hang the flowers from a piece of rebar.

In total, 250-300 tulips hang from the ceiling, and each part of the process was done completely by hand. As always, we are amazed at what our visual team can do!

Here are a few more of our favorite spring scenes from the Market:

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Let us know what you think of this season’s theme and install in the comments below!