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A Candle Story

by Magnolia
Published on February 16, 2023

It’s not much: a glass vessel, wax, and fragrance. But if you ask us, candles represent so much more. Maybe it’s their warm glow or inviting scent. A lit candle has a way of shifting the mood of a space and grounding us in the season. It slows us down and keeps us present to the moment we’re in.

That’s why candles have been a part of the Magnolia story since the beginning. They represent our very aim: to make you feel at home. They offer a sense of intention and ease to all who enter—whether you’re shopping with us in Waco or hosting friends in your own space.

Candles have the ability to transport us, awakening our senses and marking a moment in time, season after season. We believe that is a story worth sharing.

A Candle Sets the Scene

magnolia linen three wick jar candle.  sitting on top of a home coffee table book.

Long before the guests arrive, the house is readied, expectant for connection and conversation. A spread of small treats, soft music, a warm breeze from open windows or the soothing crackle of a fire. The space reflects what is so deeply held within: a home where people can belong and feel truly welcome. Not just by kind words, but in every detail that seeks no attention, yet offers comfort all the same.

As the hour draws near, the candle is lit.

Where the Light Lingers

The evening carries on, this moment being all that matters. Postures relax. Refills are poured. Conversations ebb and flow—some rise with laughter, others dim with quiet, intentional listening. In some ways, it feels like just another night. But maybe these moments together are actually the most sacred of all.

The candle’s serene scent fills the air, and the clock becomes an afterthought as what matters most surfaces—and is held.

The Last Flicker

Hugs are given again…and again. They’re the kind of goodbyes that last far longer than anyone intended (but no one minds). Every last bit of chatter winds down until the only thing left unsaid is when to gather again. “Make it soon.”

The flicker is gone, but the warmth remains.

Care Notes

  • Trim your wicks to a quarter of an inch in between uses. This will ensure an even burn and keep your candle vessel free from soot. When you’re trimming, hold the candle upside down over a trash can so the wick pieces don’t stick to the wax.
  • Don’t burn the candle for more than 2-3 hours at once. There’s plenty of time to enjoy your candle: 50 hours of burn time for the 9 oz and 110 hours for the 26 oz candles, all depending on how often you trim the wicks.
  • When you’re ready to call it a night and blow out the candle, use a snuffer for minimal smoke.

To Greet You Every Season

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