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Winter at Magnolia Market: 2020

by Magnolia
Published on November 20, 2020

“It may seem counterintuitive, maybe even a little naive, to suggest prioritizing rest in what is typically the busiest time of year. But I’ve come to learn that it’s often in the slow and simple moments that we’re able to really feel the thrill of the holidays. And it’s in the quiet that we can hear clearly the goodness of life happening all around us." Jo’s perspective of the beauty that comes with rest from the winter issue of Magnolia JournalOpens in new tab has been brought to life by our visual team throughout the Market this season. For the look of the shop, they were inspired by the image of a quaint cottage in the woods during a white winter, with snow falling out the window and a crackling fire in the hearth—a gentle reminder to embrace a moment of rest.

We’re excited to share an in-depth look at the details and planning that went into this season’s install!

Making Space for Rest that Restores Us: Shadowbox Wall

To set the tone for this remote cabin in the woods, you’ll see this wall right when you walk into the entrance of the Market. Emulating a traditional paper-cut shadowbox, this wall consists of layers of wood cut into tree shapes and rolling hills, creating a forest of pine and birch trees. Deeply hidden in the forest, a small house rests on top of a hill with a small light illuminating its window. The wall is created from plywood that has been cut by a computer numerical control machine. After the cuts, the team painted each layer a different value of white to create depth. The layers were then treated with textured material and faux snow to reveal a frosted, wintery look. The final layer of cut wood displays the quote from the cover of the winter issue of Magnolia JournalOpens in new tab, "Making Space for Rest that Restores Us."

White Paper-Cut Trees

In the front of the Market, a custom table is surrounded by layers of white paper-cut trees. These layers are cut from insulation foam and wood that were also treated with textured material and faux snow.

Snow Cottages + Ornaments

In the back of the store, you’ll find a miniature cottage displaying some of our ornaments. Each of these small cottages are designed based on our new retail shops, with cedar shingle roofing and siding. The color on the door and trim is Magnolia Home 1905 Green.Opens in new tab

Piles of fallen snow rests along the bottom of the cottage with small holes dug into it, housing the ornaments. The snowdrift is made from insulation foam stacked and hand-carved into the shape. The structure was then covered in a foam hardener and layers of resin, Epsom salts, ice-cream salt, coarse Kosher salt, and faux snow on the surface to give it an icy, snowy feel. You’ll find other snow drifts around the store on shelves and fixtures around the Market.

When imagining this display, the team turned back to their own memories of playing in the snow, digging tunnels, and sculpting snow into something new. We hope that these snowdrift piles surrounding the cottages spark similar memories for you!

Vintage Teaware Shelves

In the kitchen area, our team sourced teawares from local vintage shops and painted them different shades of matte white. They then built custom shelving units to give each item a home. For this display, they drew inspiration from “The Art of the Steep” story in the winter issue of Magnolia Journal.Opens in new tab

Here are a few more scenes from the Market this season:

Pictured here are the Red Mikey PillowsOpens in new tab—designed by Joanna Gaines in collaboration with Loloi for her personal line of Christmas decor.

If you’re in Waco this season, we hope that you’ll come visit us to see what’s new at Magnolia! (To learn more about the safety measures we are taking in our entities during this time, click here.Opens in new tab) If you prefer to shop online this season, head to in new tab

Let us know what you think of this season’s theme and install in the comments below!