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Spring at Magnolia Market: 2022

by Magnolia
Published on February 4, 2022

Even as winter lingers on, we have our sights set on the new beginnings that come with the arrival of spring.

The turning of the page reminds us that all around, nature sings a song of nurture: tending to what has already taken root so that it can grow. From Magnolia Journal to the install inside Magnolia Market, we’re taking our cue from the season and exploring the theme of nurture. Whether that looks like repotting a houseplant or tending to a close relationship, we believe that when we nurture the things we love, we have the joy of watching them grow–and that our lives will bloom in new ways because of it.

As a picture of that possibility, we wanted Magnolia Market to be like a breath of fresh air as soon as you enter, with beauty abounding at every turn. Watch the video below to see the shop come to life, then keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at our team’s process, from initial inspiration to final display.

The Inspiration

When our team discussed spring inspiration, greenhouses came up time and time again. Obviously these structures are very practical—their controlled environments allow an array of plants and flowers to grow, no matter the weather conditions outside. But that's what also makes them so whimsical. They spark imagination and make you feel as if you’ve been transported somewhere new. We love the flourishing and sense of wonder greenhouses create, so that became our visual display team’s anchor as they formed a vision for the rest of the install.

The Vision

As inspiration turned into sketches, our visual display team came up with four main installations to feature in the Market: a propagation wall (filled with small plants Jo offered to grow just for this display), a live staghorn fern, the greenhouse, and a pea pod display. Here’s a look at how they imagined these installations coming to life:

The Final Displays

After about three months of production, as sketches turned into reality, our team spent a weekend at the Market installing the final displays. As you’ll see from the photos below, tweaks and adjustments were made from their initial vision. But that’s part of the fun—following creative sparks, making pivots, and letting the work tell a story of its own. Take a look at the final displays below:

Propagation Wall

When you first step into the Market, you’re greeted by our very own propagation station! Many of the plants you'll find on this wall started out in Jo's office and were transported here for the install. We crafted thin pine boards to hold the test tubes in a way where you can watch the stems’ roots take shape. With sunlight and time, they’ll be able to be planted into new soil of their own so they can keep growing.

Learn more about the process of propagation with our house plant expert, Hilton Carter, in the spring issue of Magnolia Journal—on newsstands February 11. You can also take Hilton's workshop on house plants through the Magnolia app or by visiting magnolia.com.

Live Staghorn Fern

Our team sourced a living, 26-year-old staghorn fern to hang in the center of the Market and built a slatted blonde wood potting bench with a sink to sit underneath. Jo has affectionately named the fern 'Earle'.


Our Scandinavian-inspired greenhouse is made with blonde, framed-out wood and features a glass roof, open side panels, and potting risers against the windows. Two entrances let you stroll through—and give your imagination space to roam free.

Pea Pods

In the kitchen area, you’ll find handmade, paper pea vines growing up flat trellis structures, which also include floating shelves to showcase pieces from our spring collection. Our display team created the peas using two layers of crepe paper that were stuffed with tissue paper, then adhered together and dipped in hot wax for a semi-gloss finish. The team also made the leaves out of crepe paper and wrapped wire in green floral tape to create the stocks.

Here are a few more of our favorite scenes from the Market:

Come experience spring at Magnolia Market! If you can’t make it to us this season:

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