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Mini Reni 02: Living Room

by Magnolia
Published on June 26, 2023

Interior of the living room in Mini Reni 02

Welcome to Mini Reni 02: the living room! When Jo and the team took on this project, they sought a color palette they knew the homeowner would love—bold, yet tranquil. After some trial and error in this room (i.e. a quick paint swap mid-project), they were reminded that first instinct is often the best—and finally landed on serene green and subtle blue hues to carry through the entire renovation.

As a reminder, here are the rules the team plays by for each #MiniReni:

  • No Demo Day required
  • Materials had to be available locally or shipped in less than a week
  • Creative, cosmetic upgrades only (think paint, tile, and molding)
  • Have fun with furniture and vintage pieces from Magnolia Market

Now, let’s get into it! Here are the design details on how Jo and the team incorporated color, texture, and cohesive character into the living room.

Elements of the living room in Mini Reni 02

What We Updated

Trim: The main goal for this room was to create a focal point on the back wall. As a nod to the original charm of this 1930’s home, Jo and the team used thin screen molding from the local home improvement store to create a textured accent wall. They also mimicked the pediment detailing found above the dining room built-in on a cased opening between the two rooms.

Paint: The homeowner has an affinity for color, so the team played with some unexpected hues. After some trial and error, they landed on Garden Party from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines crafted by KILZ for the walls and fireplace mantel and Weathered Windmill from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines crafted by KILZ for the trim, baseboards, and ceiling.

Interior of the living room in Mini Reni 02
Interior of the living room in Mini Reni 02

Rug | Sofa | Chairs | Coffee Table | Floor Lamp

Fireplace + Tile: To help with budget, the team used leftover green tile from a previous project on the fireplace surround and hearth. They also replaced the fireplace applique with a motif similar to one they found on an existing built-in niche in the home to keep character consistent.

Lighting: A chandelier (also from a previous project) on a short down rod (6") helps create a semi-flush mount—keeping the space bright and heightened even with the lower ceiling. Four new brass flush mount fixtures were also added.

Mini Reni 02: Living Room

How We Styled It

Since design focused on playing with color, the styling and decor of this room relied on texture and neutral pieces to help ground it. The rug (Carlisle Slate Ivory Rug from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines x Loloi) centers the space to layer upon, and a double-layered coffee table provides more room for styling. Jo and the team mixed muted, yet defined, furniture pieces of different textures—like a velvet sofa and bouclé chairs— to provide a sense of balance. A marble end table topped with an oversized vase sits beside the sofa, while an assortment of pillows + throws (plus a light citrus candle) helps cozy up the space.

A storied collection of decor pieces adorn the mantel shelf, including a pair of antique brass candleholders for layered height, a ceramic jug vase with a sprawl of fresh-cut greenery, and an arched mirror to reflect the room.

Mini Reni 02: Living Room
Mini Reni 02: Living Room interior photo

To use the vast wall space, the team opted for a gallery wall. They first planned scale and framing, then mixed and matched art types—like florals, landscapes, and figures—to style together.

Mini Reni 02 Living Room gallery wall

Arrowwood | Horse Sketch | Cloud Study by Constable | Sin Titulo 15 by Montserrat Serra | Dancer | Bruges Framed Textile

Since one wall had the gallery, the team added a floral line art piece and antique-inspired brass hooks to fill the other blank space in the room. A cabinet, plant stand, and hanging mirror work together to create a nook in the corner.

Tip: When styling shelves, try mixing antique decor with newer pieces. Leaving space—or moments of pause—between pieces allows each one to speak for itself. And remember, it’s ok to collect pieces slowly over time. A storied home takes time to build!

Mini Reni 02: Living Room

The plant stand, brass bud vases, and brass letter holder are all found antique pieces.

Shop the Room

Shop the collection that helped bring this living room to life:

Marieta Sofa
Horse Sketch
Mini Reni 02: Living Room
Mini Reni 02: Living Room
Ravine Black Ceramic Jug
Marissa Wood Magazine Holder

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