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Ways to Usher the Season into Your Home

by Magnolia
Published on August 7, 2023

A Fall Refresh at Home

I’ve come to learn that if I’m not intentional about marking the passage of time, if I don’t play a part in the transition itself, I’ll miss it completely. And for me home is where time matters most, so I do my best to slow down and usher in each new season. I’ll swap stems. Light a seasonal candle. Make space for old and new to join. It’s these simple shifts that let my family know these moments matter.

— Joanna

We look forward to the slow shift into fall all year long: how the colors on the trees start to change and daylight begins to dim. Summer’s warmth may linger, but—even if just for a moment—we are delighted when we feel a crisp, cool breeze on our skin.

For Jo, the marking of a new season holds a special purpose. It’s an opportunity to assess rhythms and routines—seeing what can be refreshed, even reconsidered, especially at home. While familiarity beckons us to return to the traditions we love most…we can also reach for something new. Something that helps us see each moment with fresh eyes. Golden leaves. A captivating scent. Twists on well-worn recipes.

Below you’ll find practical inspiration to learn from what surrounds you—embracing tangible reminders to be present and appreciate each sight, each smell, each sound. Quite simply, taking note of fall.

Fall Dining Room

The transition into this season is often subtle, and, therefore, easy to miss. So let’s pause, tune into all five senses—and intentionally welcome fall into our homes.

Fall Florals + Vases
Fall Wall Decor
Fall Tabletop + Pie

There’s beauty to behold:

  • Fill a vase with wispy stems and wild blooms. Pro-tip: opt for faux florals, so your display will last all season long and flourishes even on cloudy fall days.
  • Curate a gallery wall of calming still-life paintings and landscapes.
  • Place an eye-catching fall wreath on your door for a warm welcome home.

Listen for the subtle notes:

  • Enjoy the clinking of glasses and lingering conversations…sweetly ringing around the table.
  • Play a favorite record—jazzy or folksy—on repeat. (Here’s one of our favorite fall playlistsOpens in new tab filled with songs that, for us, never get old.)
  • Notice the sound of wind in the trees coming in through an open window.
Amber Candle
Brussels Sprout Gruyère Gratin in French Grey Reduction Fire Baker
Pebble Knit Throw

Change is in the air:

Familiar flavors to bring you back:

  • Make a loaf of pumpkin bread for that quintessential first taste of fall.
  • Stock your pantry with all the in-season vegetables, spices, and herbs you’ll want on hand to get cooking.
  • Plan the menu to host a delicious dinner party for friends and family.

Signs of comfort, all around:

  • Layer plenty of textured pillows and throws on the sofa—for a soft place to land at the end of each day.
  • Pull out your fall coats and sweaters, and hang them in the hallway or mudroom.
  • Swap out your light summer bedding for cozier duvets and quilts that can provide extra warmth.
Fall Tabletop

Now it’s time to turn inspiration into action. Follow fall’s cue, all throughout your home, and welcome the perspectives you find. With the start of each season, we hope you’ll develop a practice to slowly reset your space—and savor the transition, outside and in.

For our new collection, we wanted to celebrate a nostalgic sense of comfort while also embracing change. From florals and vases to wall art and tabletop decor, these pieces blend fondness for the familiar with anticipation for what’s around the corner...ideal for a fall home refresh.

Luxe Fall Bundle
Fall Favorites Bundle

Plus, new this year: we’ve got fall bundles!

Bring home a box curated with familiar flickers, golden blooms, and more decor—to make way for a new season.