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Fixer Upper Season 5, Episode 11

by Joanna Gaines
Published on February 6, 2018

Thanks for watching tonight’s episode! Even though the sunroom in this house was a smaller room with a subtle statement, it was my favorite! Not only does this room feel like it’s always been part of the house, but I can picture them drinking their morning coffee or reading a book by the fire in this cozy, quiet room off the kitchen. Read my design tips for adding in old-world character to a new addition below!

Set the Intention for the Space

If you’re going to extend your square footage by adding a room to your home, be sure to start by distinguishing the purpose for the addition so that your design will serve your needs appropriately. What I love most about this space is that it’s intended to be enjoyed in the slow, intentional time found in the early mornings or on weekends. This home already had a formal dining room and living room, so this sunroom is more about family than entertaining. The comfy chairs by the fireplace and the quaint breakfast table with bench seating set the tone for having a family game night or even catching your breath and having a quiet moment alone.

Focus on Character

Since the fireplace is the centerpiece of this room, it was important that the design look consistent with the rest of the home rather than sleek and new. The German-schmear finish and antique mantel all brought in the raw texture that made the room feel like a natural part of the home, and not a recent addition.

Use Elements With a Story

The terracotta flooring in this room was actually salvaged from a chateau in France—it doesn’t get more storied than that. By incorporating these tiles, I was able to give this room the authentic French chateau style that goes perfectly with the design of the rest of the home. If you’re adding onto your home, you don’t necessarily have to match the flooring with the rest of your home for it to feel like a seamless addition. If you are intentional about carrying the color palette from the rest of the house forward (trim and wall color, hardware, etc), different flooring can actually give the room a little added character that prevents it from feeling like a new build. Depending on the size of the house, I typically try to keep flooring selections consistent throughout main spaces with the exception of specialized bonus rooms like this sunroom.

Sharing the Light

I wanted to establish this sunroom as its own separate space, but I wanted to make it a point not to withhold any of this beautiful natural light from the other rooms in the house. So I decided to install this double-sided china cabinet that defined the sunroom as a separate room from the kitchen, while allowing the light to flow through the beautiful glass doors. Design additions like sidelights, double sided bookcases, French doors, and windows would also accomplish this same goal.

Because this house had so much original character, I really loved the challenge of making the addition feel like a natural fit. Thanks for watching tonight's episode—here's a peek at more photos and details from The Club House!