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Fixer Upper Season 5, Episode 13

Published on February 20, 2018

The outdoorsy playroom in this new-build home from tonight’s episode of Fixer Upper was for sure my favorite room in the house! Read on for a few tips on making a space feel like home.

Incorporating Texture

The books on the bookcases bring in a lot of texture on their own, but another easy character addition came from the warm-stained skinnylap inside the reading nook. Not only does this feature draw your eye to that focal wall, but it also ties in warmth and texture that you wouldn’t otherwise get from these deep blue shelves.

Kid Friendly

This family has grandkids of varying ages, so it was important to create a space that could grow up with them. Elements like lowered furniture with the playful tree stump seats, the chalkboard playhouse on the wall, and the reading nook are features that will hopefully inspire fun and creativity in these kids for years to come. But these details are also easily altered as the kids get older, so the space can turn into a library, craft room, or even a home office.

Telling a Story

The theme of the room is a sort of whimsy forest design that makes you feel like you’re tucked away in your own treehouse reading a good book. The playhouse, the tree stump seats, the turf rug, the ladder, the books, and the awning over the window all work together to create a room full of adventure and curiosity.

Thank you for watching tonight’s Fixer Upper! Here's a peek at more photos and details from house!