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Mini Reni 02: Breakfast Nook

Published on June 26, 2023

Welcome to Mini Reni 02: the breakfast nook! This little corner sits right between the kitchen and the dining room as a small, non-formal gathering space—ideal for cozy mornings with a cup of coffee. Featuring two walls of wood-framed windows, this space started with plenty of built-in character that Jo couldn’t wait to highlight. In this blog, we’ll walk you through all of the updates she and the team made, as well as share sources for the furniture and decor used to style it.

Before we get into it, here’s a refresher of the guidelines for each Mini Reni project:

  • No Demo Day required
  • Materials had to be available locally or shipped in less than a week
  • Creative, cosmetic upgrades only (think paint, tile, and molding)
  • Have fun with furniture and vintage pieces from Magnolia Market

Now, let’s take a look at how the team transformed the Breakfast Nook from a simple corner into its own character-filled space.


What We Updated

Tile: Spacious wood windows in the breakfast nook gave the space existing character and charm. In order to highlight those windows, Jo and the team created an accent wall around them using tile. Rectangular tile in a checkered pattern also created the illusion of a taller ceiling, which made the space feel bigger.

Plates | Candle | Flatware | Vase | Fruit Bowl

The team used a dry stack method of installation—meaning no spacers or grout—to make the wall feel more artisanal and less like a bathroom or kitchen. The gold and white color of the tile ties back to the wallpaper in the dining room.

Pitcher Vase | Ceramic Bud Vase | Glass Tumblers | Fluted Bowls | Pink Glass Bud Vase | Cookbooks

Shelving: To bring an additional layer of interest and functionality to the space, the team built a multi-tiered shelf using copper and wood—materials anyone could find at their local hardware store. The copper ties with the golden hue of the tile, while the shelves were painted white. Each shelf was cut with rounded corners to give them added interest as opposed to a standard rectangular plank.

Lighting: A new light fixture completes the space. Jo and the team chose a delicate pendant with soft features to balance the harder lines created by the tile accents and windows.

How We Styled It

Table | Chairs | Line Drawing

With a fun statement wall, large wood-framed windows, and an eye-catching pendant, it was important that the furniture and decor in the breakfast nook added to the story of the space while allowing the design of the room to shine. Neutral furniture with thoughtful details like the scalloped oak dining table and wicker-woven chairs added a layer of visual interest that complemented the rest of the space.

On the table, an oversized clear vase filled with fresh-cut greenery was added for height and dimension. A rustic accent bowl filled with fresh fruit and a vintage scalloped tray topped with a linen-scented candle, classic plates, and antique flatware finished out the table setting.

To style the shelves, the team chose pieces that were both functional and beautiful, including plenty of plants, cookbooks, dishware, and decor.

A simple framed line drawing was hung on the wall across from the windows.

Shop the Room

Shop the pieces that brought the breakfast nook to life:


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