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Behind the Design of the Castle

by Magnolia
Published on October 17, 2022

Fixer Upper: The Castle premieres today! You can find all the details of how to watch the first episode here. But first, we’re giving a glimpse into Chip and Jo’s approach to tackling their biggest fixer yet, plus the design elements that bring it all together.

For nearly 20 years, we imagined what it would be like to breathe new life into this abandoned, century-old castle in the heart of Waco, TX. Finally having the opportunity, we’ve been reminded that there’s great reward in restoring beauty in forgotten places—whether that’s beneath the surface of our own lives or inside the walls of a musty, old castle. And that kind of work is always worth the wait.

This reveal has been a long time coming, and we’re excited for you to watch the story unfold of bringing this one-of-a-kind home back to life in the coming weeks!

- Chip + Joanna

Past Meets Present

When Chip and Jo purchased the castle in 2019, they knew it was special, but they weren’t sure what its purpose would become. They chose not to rush a renovation, but instead visited the castle often, and imagined the life that could be breathed back into it. (Jo wrote a note about those early days and why they wanted to make this abandoned place sing—you can read that story here.)

A year ago, they felt like the best way to honor the property was to make it a home again. During the renovation process, Chip and Jo repeatedly returned to the castle’s roots—studying the German castle that inspired the original design and finding ways to highlight its stunning details. While thoughtfully restoring spaces that reflected the castle’s grandeur, they also wanted to create an updated home that would serve a family well.

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So they imagined what the future homeowners might enjoy—maybe playing cards, sipping wine, or hosting friends and family. With this in mind, Chip and Jo reenvisioned some parts of the castle and gave other areas new purpose. The goal was to create a home that blends past and present, beauty and functionality, sophistication and charm.

Design Elements

All materials and furnishings were selected to reflect the castle’s original character and complement its grand, moody, and traditional styles.

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Colors of the Castle

Color is an important part of a home, and Jo wanted to honor the castle’s history with unique, elevated colors that would also feel timeless in any type of space. She created this collection of ten distinct hues that you can now bring into your own home. Explore the colors at magnolia.com, ACE, and Lowe's.

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Watch it Come to Life

For the next six weeks, watch how these elements come together as Chip and Jo bring the castle back to life. New episodes will be released every Friday on Magnolia Network, discovery+ and HBO Max.  It’s been a long road to get here and now we’re counting down to the big reveal. You won’t want to miss it!

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