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How Our Summer Collection Came to Life

by Magnolia
Published on May 16, 2022

This summer at Magnolia we’re exploring the theme of “flourish,” including  how its invitation to lightness, beauty, and growth trickles down into the items we bring into our homes. As we launch our summer collection, we wanted to share how the theme and season spoke into the collection, from concept and intention to final colors and materials, and how they can usher the season into your home too.

Here’s a closer look at how our summer collection came together—and came to life.

Imagining Summer

Long before the weather turned warm and backyard barbecues started populating our calendars, we began dreaming about the best parts of summer and how to showcase those through our seasonal collection. Whether it’s an outdoor gathering with loved ones, an adventure to explore someplace new, or simply tending to a thriving garden—summer invites us to lean into fullness. This is a season marked by flourishing.

Jo's garden was the perfect starting point for us to step into a summer mindset and get to work creating the collection.

Summer's Senses

Inspired by the warm hues, mixed wood, and array of metals that exist in Jo’s garden, our team chose a color palette and mix of materials that defines our summer products. Think rich terracotta, textured clay, natural woven materials, and a mix of brass, copper and zinc.

Pieces with Distinction

Just like any memorable summer, the pieces in this collection are full of stories. For example, you’ll find an exclusive line of linens designed by our team here in Waco for every room and any occasion. You’ll also find special pieces of decor, like the Eliza Terracotta Bookends, made in Honduras with natural clay from the Himalayan mountains.

And in a season where flowers and produce abound, be sure to explore our go-to’s for the garden, including the Greer Clay planters. These are a terracotta tribute to plastic nursery planters inspired by Jo’s love of repotting plants.

We’re so excited to reveal our summer collection and hope that it encourages you to soak up those extra hours of sunlight. From home decor that brings the beauty of the outside in, to our citrusy summer candle and cozy outdoor furniture, may it all inspire you to enjoy this season fully.

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