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Summer at Magnolia Market

by Magnolia
Published on June 3, 2022

With larger-than-life flower installations and cascading wisteria branches that showcase the bounty of the season, we’re weaving our new theme of 'flourish' throughout Magnolia Market. Watch the video below to hear from Jo about how our team conceptualized their vision at the shop, then keep reading for a deeper dive into the complete process.

The Vision

We define flourish as a period of thriving, growth, or expansion, marked by bold gestures that bring joy. As our team considered how we could visually bring those ideas to life, we kept returning to an image of a summer garden in full bloom. We imagined the Market feeling like a lush, whimsical oasis, overflowing with wildflowers and plants.

The Process

Inspired by this blooming garden, our visual display team chose larger-than-life flowers and realistic-looking wisteria branches to fully immerse guests in the enchantment of a garden. Here’s a look at how they turned the vision into a reality:

Wall Bouquet

As soon as you walk into the Market this summer, you’re greeted with a wall bouquet made of oversized dahlias, zinnias, anemones, cosmos, cone flowers, and phlox. Each was handcrafted using several different fabrics treated with paints, dyes, and stiffeners. The goal was to match the real-life qualities of each flower.

Table Arrangement

The tables at the front of the Market are surrounded by an oversized arrangement of the same types of flowers. The center of each features unique, handmade elements that add texture and dimension to the overall display.

Flourishing Greenhouse

You might recognize this Scandinavian-inspired greenhouse from our spring installation. We loved the way its transformation could so beautifully connect spring's nurturing to the flourishing of summer. Our team covered the previously unadorned greenhouse structure with realistic wisteria branches strewn with drooping clusters of handmade flowers and leaves. Each flower was hand-dipped in a gesso mixture to give it a realistic appearance, then attached one-by-one to the branches.

Summer Scenes

And that’s just the beginning. Take a look at some of the other ways summer is currently unfolding around Magnolia Market:

We can’t wait to welcome you to Waco this summer. Until then, bring summer home with pieces that encourage you to flourish—whether in your own backyard or while exploring somewhere new.

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