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Winter at Magnolia Market: 2021

by Magnolia
Published on December 9, 2021

The Christmas season has finally returned, inviting us to pick up where we left off and breathe new life into old traditions. And while there are certainly opportunities to start fresh, Christmas has a way of appealing to nostalgia, that longing for the familiar goodness we know deep in our bones. That spirit, along with our seasonal theme of delight, is at the heart of this season’s install at Magnolia Market. Our visual display team transformed the shop into a holiday wonderland where you can be immersed in the old-world charm—and nostalgia— of a European Christmas market.

We’ve included a couple of the team’s planning sketches alongside the final installations so you can see how the original vision came to life:

As soon as you enter the front doors of the Market, you will feel the warmth of a holiday village on the wall to your left. This quaint scene invites you into its winding streets and candlelit windows. The words, which read “Delight in the Here & Now,” nod to the cover of the winter issue of Magnolia Journal and our theme for the season. And If you look closely, the clock tower actually functions as a working clock!


The display team created a sketch of the village, then used a machine to make computer-generated, precise cuts of each house and shop. They then assembled the pieces in layers to give depth to the scene. The brick and cobblestone features were hand-carved from joint compound, and after drying, it was all treated with layers of saturated pigment to give it color. For the final details, the roofs were hand-shingled with miniature wood pieces at different scales and the windows were lit with tiny light bulbs for a cozy winter look.

Both the letters and the wall were treated with ground metallic powder to resemble aged copper, and the spire at the top of the center house was constructed with wood and a thick paper called chipboard.

Inspired by a few of our favorite items in the holiday collection, including these ornaments and Advent Calendars, this wooden village sits behind our checkout counter. Each home, tower, and shop was thoughtfully designed by our team, laser cut, and fitted together.

In the kitchen area below, our team designed a collection of small booths resembling a European winter market. To start, custom awnings were framed with an ornate wood trim. Then, the tops were covered in cedar shingles and treated with stain for a whimsical finish.

On the back wall of the Market, the team crafted a large village scene. Three of the houses were designed as fixtures to display our collection of Christmas ornaments and decor.

Come experience the wonder and nostalgia of the holidays at Magnolia Market! If you can’t make it to us this season, we’re still bringing the Christmas cheer to you:

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