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Silo District Marathon 2022: More than a Race

by Magnolia
Published on January 14, 2022

As we gear up for our third annual marathon weekend on April 22-24, we wanted to share more of the “why” behind this annual event. In 2018, when Chip was inspired to run his first marathon and asked us if we could host it here in Waco (in just four months!), no one on staff knew what it looked like to pull off something of that magnitude. By some miracle (and lots of creativity and teamwork), we did. But hosting the fastest or best course out there has never been our main goal, or the motivation that keeps us coming back to the start line year after year—because for us, it’s about more than just a race.

The Silo District Marathon is rooted in hope for what can be, courage to chase the impossible, and purpose that guides every step. Here’s a deeper dive into the makeup of our race and why we hope you’ll toe the line alongside us in April:


We run with HOPE.

The Silo District Marathon was born out of a friendship between Chip and Gabe Grunewald, a professional runner and rare cancer fighter. Even as Gabe battled multiple rounds of cancer, treatment, and surgeries over the course of a decade, she ran on hope, lived life to the fullest, and advocated for others fighting cancer. Our friend Gabe passed away in 2019, but her legacy reminds us that there is never a situation so dark that light cannot shine through, never a scenario so bleak that hope has no place.

All net profits of the Silo District Marathon will be directed to the Brave Like Gabe FoundationOpens in new tab and the Community Cancer Associations of WacoOpens in new tab.

We run with COURAGE.

When Chip decided to run his first marathon, he had the courage to face a distance that felt insurmountable. He used those long-distance runs to consider what matters most, and to think of Gabe and everyone else like her who lives with intention–through thick and thin. Gabe’s posture towards cancer and running paired with her belief in Chip gave him the courage to run, and his belief in us reminds us that we can do the same.


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We run with PURPOSE.

Everyone brings a purpose to the start line—we invite YOU to bring yours—a “why” that keeps us moving when things get tough. This race has room for every kind of story: to make a new memory with family and friends, to chase an ambitious goal, to raise awareness for something you believe in, and everything in between. As powerful as crossing the finish line is, nothing beats a purpose fulfilled, and the growth that happens along the way.

Whether this is your first time hearing about the Silo District Marathon or you’ve already signed up for this year’s race, we hope this inspires you to pause and consider what’s worth chasing—and then run after it with everything you’ve got.