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How to Reset Your Home for Fall

by Magnolia
Published on August 17, 2022

Most like to reset their homes and routines in January. But for Jo, it has long-been the first signs of fall that officially declare the start of a new beginning. Even if it’s slow to arrive in full force, fall is a season worthy of preparation. Its traditions, rhythms, and promises of harvest have a way of grounding us. Several years ago, Jo felt that it was important to intentionally hit the reset button before fall sneaks in and eventually gives way to the busiest time of the year. There are a few practical ways she prepares her heart and home, and we’re sharing those ideas here in hopes you can welcome the coming season with open arms.

The best way to start is from scratch. First, take note of your physical surroundings at home: what feels cluttered, what could use a refresh? Then think further ahead in the season—what do you need to stock up on now that will help with hosting, gathering, or other moments later on?

Then think about your daily rhythms. What activities or routines feel draining? Which ones are refreshing? When we reflect on these things now—letting go of what isn’t serving us and preserving that which gives us life—it helps us make space for the newness to come. A few practical ways to do this:

Tidy up. Organize utility spaces. Deep clean a high-traffic room. Switch out bedding. Put away summer clothes. Make a “donation” pile.

Stock up. Grab an extra set of linens. Collect matches for candles. Top up your dry goods. Build your collection of serveware. Replenish cleaning supplies.

Get routine ready. Hang up a calendar. Take stock of your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments. Refresh your workspace. Round up your dishes for gatherings. Grab school supplies.

Next, play to your five senses—this is Jo’s go-to way of shifting into a new season. When we tangibly invite fall into our space, its magic tends to follow. Here are a few thought starters on how to do this at home:

See. Fill a vase with golden-hued stems. Hang up a cardigan or backpack in your entry. Put a wreath on your front door (it’s never too early!).

Hear. Put drinking glasses on display for clinking with friends. Open the windows and listen to the trees. Play a jazzy, relaxing record. (Here’s our playlistOpens in new tab to get you started.)

Smell. Light a nutmeg or amber-scented candle. Find a simmer pot recipe that can fill your home with spicy scents all day long. Bake anything (and everything) with cinnamon.

Taste. Stock your pantry with fall ingredients and spices. Swap out your banana bread for pumpkin bread. Make a batch of apple cider.

Feel. Add a knitted throw to the back of your sofa. Keep your favorite sweater on hand. Spend a day in your coziest loungewear.

We’ve created worksheets to help you jot down ideas and set this refresh in motion at home. You can download those hereOpens in new tab. We hope this helps get the wheels spinning as you dream and prepare for the season ahead in your own home. Here’s to the best fall yet!

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