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Fixer Upper: Welcome Home—Episode 4

Girls' Home Reimagined

We’ve made it to episode 4 of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home—and we’re excited to say that the rest of the season will be released on July 15 on discovery+ and the forthcoming MAGNOLIA app.

There are certain projects that sit in our hearts long after the reveal. This is one of them. A while back, a family friend of ours reached out with a special request. She volunteers at a local emergency shelter that welcomes young girls who are in transition and often fleeing difficult situations. The shelter was in need of a renovation so that it could not only meet the girls’ everyday needs but also feel like a warm and comforting place to land.

As we started the design and renovation process, a lot of thought and intentionality went into finding ways to make this facility feel safe—and to serve as a haven for these girls where they can rest, create, and find community during their time here, however long that may be.

So many families from our community donated money and resources to help us complete the construction.  We are also grateful to Loloi, KILZ, Design Superstore, Shaw Floors, Fitzgerald's Landscaping, and Four Hands for donating labor, design materials, and products for this special renovation.

What an honor it has been to be a part of rebuilding this space that will continue to be a place of hope and healing for years to come.

— Chip + Jo

Download Jo's Design Sourcebook from this Home

Materials + Design Elements

Living Room: Before & After

Drag the slider to see this room's transformation.

What we updated:

  • Updated the look of the windows by adding mullions—a vertical bar that goes between the panes of glass in a window—and neutral-colored roman shades
  • Added an industrial metal window between the living and dining room wall to allow for more light + transparency between spaces
  • Replaced lay-in ceiling tiles with patterned tin tiles in the same color as the walls to give the illusion of higher ceilings
  • Wallpapered the walls with an inspiring wildflower design
  • Brought in durable, leather sofas to add warmth to the space
  • Added a milk-globe light fixture and accent lighting to create a cozy living room ambiance

Activity Room: Before + After

Drag the slider to see this room's transformation.

What we updated:

  • Widened the cased opening to more seamlessly transition from the living room
  • Built a reading nook with custom shelves and built-ins for books, activities, games + art supplies
  • Added a weathered oak desktop for computer space
  • Placed a metal sign made by Jimmy Don on the wall for encouragement

Dining Room: Before + After

Drag the slider to see this room's transformation.

What we updated:

  • Pushed cabinetry wall back to extend dining room space
  • Added paneled wainscoting to give the room dimension and texture
  • Created custom built-ins for pantry + file storage
  • Used paint colors that set the tone—the deep blue/green hue creates a sense of calm and stability and the deep blush pink adds a youthful, playful vibe
  • Incorporated a custom brass sign donated by Nickell Metalsmiths to function as a focal point that carries a hopeful message
  • Brought in a fourteen foot custom-built white oak table built by Clint Harp that seats sixteen

Bedrooms: Before + After

Drag the slider to see this room's transformation.

The Garden

What we updated:

  • Created an interactive and low-maintenance outdoor space with plenty of seating
  • Added turf, rocks, and four self-irrigated garden beds
Download Jo's Design Sourcebook from this Home

before + after photography taken by Lisa Petrole