A Cozy & Neutral Holiday Look

by Magnolia
Published on October 22, 2019

For just a few sweet months, home is more than a backdrop for the everyday. It becomes the setting for where you’ll celebrate new holiday traditions and recreate well-worn rituals, and the way you choose to set the scene should feel as special as the memories you’ll make this season.

If it’s your family’s tradition to embrace the nostalgia of the holidays and decorate your home the same way you always have, then by all means, go for it! (We’ll never tire of the classic Christmas look either). But, if you’re curious about changing things up this year and could use a little inspiration to get started, we’ve built out a really beautiful holiday look, and today we’re breaking down the elements we used to create it.

Whether you’re sticking with what’s tried-and-true, or you’re looking forward to creating something from scratch this year, we’ve learned that starting with a clear framework in mind can make all the difference. Well before you decorate the tree and hang the stockings, there are three categories to consider when it comes to pulling together a holiday look: the look and feel of the tree, the textiles, and the supporting decor. Breaking down these three elements in advance can help you take stock of what you already have and want to reuse as well as any new pieces or colors you want to incorporate this year. See how we pulled together a cozy and neutral holiday look using this framework as a guardrail.

See how we’ve pulled this space together:

This look is an unexpected departure from the classic red and green palette, but it still feels merry and bright for the season. Remember: The holidays are a welcome break from the normal, so this is the time to go all out and really dress up your home however you want to.

The focal point will always be the tree, as that’s likely the first thing people will notice when they walk into the room.

The colors and textures you incorporate onto your tree will influence how you decorate the rest of the space. Here, in order to establish a neutral color palette, we opted for white and silver tree ornaments.Opens in new tab (Though if you look closely, you’ll still see a few unconventional ones! A neutral color palette can still allow for some of those quirky family ornaments.)

From there, textiles are a great way to supplement the colors used on the tree. In a pared-down setting, they can also help bring in warmth and add dimension.

In a neutral scene like this, we incorporated a matching set of tufted pillowsOpens in new tab, stockingsOpens in new tab and a tree skirtOpens in new tab that Jo designed which emphasized the understated color palette while also establishing a rhythm of texture.

What you choose for your supporting decor can really bring the space to life, especially in a more neutral scene. For the mantel, we infused a bit of color with these bottle brush trees.Opens in new tab They’re such a simple way to add whimsy to a space—we can’t help but put them everywhere! Adding taper holdersOpens in new tab and candlesticks in varying heights and colors creates even more interest. When it comes to greenery, draping a piece of garlandOpens in new tab across the mantel is a good start, or you can do what we did here and insert pine picksOpens in new tab into the stockings while they’re waiting to be filled.

Not only do these pine picksOpens in new tab add character to the mantel, but they also make beautiful accents on the coffee table. Here, we offset the green with metallic votivesOpens in new tab, casting a warm glow that feels just right for the holidays.

Before you bound up the stairs to the attic to grab Christmas decorations or go out to look for new pieces, take some time to think about how you want to remember the holidays. Your home is the backdrop for the memories that will unfold this season, so whether you want to go all out or tone it down with your decor, there’s no wrong way to celebrate. We’d love to see your setup this year, so once the tree is standing tall and the stockings are hung, share a picture with us on social media by tagging @magnolia!Opens in new tab

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