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How to Decorate with Garland

Published on November 25, 2019

We love garland around here. Mostly because it’s versatile and timeless, but also because it adds a subtle dose of holiday cheer anywhere it’s placed. We’re certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel with where or how to hang garland in your home, but since it does happen to be one of the simplest ways to transform our spaces for the holidays—and something we love to return to year after year—we figured that it bears worth repeating our favorite ways to display this festive greenery.

Entryway Arch


This particular faux garland includes pinecones and magnolia leaves, but we added in pieces of cut berry stems by securing them with floral wire, which is a thin, bendable wire you can buy at almost any craft store. Floral wire also makes it easy to affix two pieces of garland together to make a longer strand. On this staircase, the garland is draped at four points on the banister, secured with floral wire, and then tied with a short piece of red ribbon. You can also tie longer ribbon into bows for a more formal look.


If you’re worried about the garland slipping off your mantel, you can secure it using small pieces of poster tape.

Table Runner


Use floral wire to secure garland hung on a chandelier.

Accent Furniture

This proves that garland looks good anywhere. Look around your home for furniture with a flat top. A console table, hutch, credenza or entryway table are all great places to display greenery.

Window Frame

Here's to decking the halls with holiday garland!