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How to Decorate with Garland

by Magnolia
Published on October 9, 2023

How to Decorate with Garland

We love garland around here. It’s full, festive, and one of the simplest ways to usher in the holiday season—joyfully embracing nature’s beauty inside. Plus, the displays can be as big or small as you’d like. During early, not-quite-winter days, you might prefer a subtle sign of the season on the door or mantel. Then, as the holidays draw near, you can continue layering in more pieces whenever and wherever you see fit.

Below, we’re sharing creative ideas to decorate with garland in your home. Beyond traditional stylings that might readily come to mind, we’re also reimagining this classic greenery—where and how it can be placed. After all, garland can help highlight unique parts of your house that may not see much decor during the rest of the year.

Let’s bring evergreen...everywhere!

Welcoming Accents

Imagine: doors, entryway furniture, staircase banisters

First up—pave the way for merriment by sprucing up the porch and entryway. Every year, we like to begin by decorating those spaces that help set the tone for the rest of the season. Plus, there’s nothing quite like arriving home to see a house set aglow with glistening lights and cheerful greens.

You can frame your front door (or an entryway-cased opening) with a long and lovely bough—festively welcoming your guests to come and stay. Then, if you have a staircase in sight, we suggest continuing to weave the festivity up along the banister as well. This creates a sense of flow and makes a very merry entrance. Psst… don’t forget the back door, too, if your family uses one frequently.

DIY Tips:

  • Use adhesive hooks or hangers from the hardware or garden store when attaching garland to an archway. This helps to keep strands in place without damaging the structure.
  • Floral wire (a thin, bendable wire available at craft stores) is key in securing any add-ins like berry stems or pinecones. It also makes it easy to affix two pieces of garland together to make a longer strand.
  • Decorative ribbon can cover up any wire pieces or hooks while also holding and tying the garland right where you want it.
Holiday Front Porch
Red Berry and Cedar Garland + Wreath
Staircase Garland

Gathering Accents

Imagine: the mantel + accent furniture

Of course, you’ll want to deck your mantel with whimsy, wonder, and tradition. After all, the fireplace can be a tried-and-true gathering place during the holiday season—chock-full of nostalgia. But, maybe you don’t have a conventional mantel or hearth area... There still are opportunities to spark magic all throughout your house. Look around for furniture with a flat top. A console table, hutch, credenza, or even a piano can all be great places to display greenery. Think about the rooms where you often congregate when family and friends are over—or where you might eventually open holiday gifts. And go from there.

This is when we recommend getting creative with decorative add-ins. Brighten up wintry greens with strands of dried citrus slices or gilded leaves, even multi-colored beads. Some of our garland collections come with pinecones or berries adorning the branches, but you can also add in a red berry pick or pine spray to dress up any plain pieces.

DIY Tips:

  • If you’re worried about the garland slipping off your mantel, you can secure it safely using small pieces of poster tape.
  • Other sturdy pieces like candleholders, bells, or decorative trees can help to keep greenery in place—and add dimension to the overall look.
Merry Mantel Scene
Garland on the Piano
A Closer Look: Mantel Decor

Dining Accents

Imagine: dining room table + chandelier

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather around the table with family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you’re hosting a bustling Thanksgiving dinner or enjoying a slow Christmas brunch, bringing garland to your table is a simple way to set the scene. We like styling seasonal strands along a table runner to add color and visual interest.

Another idea to elevate your dining room is to hang garland on a chandelier, window frame, cased opening, or piece of furniture. By decorating the entire space, from top to bottom, you can make the whole experience feel more thoughtful.

DIY Tips:

  • Opt for a lighter piece of garland when decorating a chandelier. Use floral wire to secure it in place.
  • On the table, place candleholders and other tabletop decor along the way, giving the garland a winding, more natural, look.
Holiday Tablescape
A Look into the Dining Room
A Festive Feast

Architectural Accents

Imagine: window frames + door frames

As you consider the rest of your home, look for any window or door frames that could use a hint of cheer. We love hanging a wreath and overarching garland together in the kitchen window—a view to enjoy while cooking, baking, or tidying up. The same approach can be followed in bedrooms (especially the guest room where out-of-town visitors will stay).

Speaking of pairing greenery, our latest collection offers complementary garland, wreaths, and stems for a cohesive look throughout your space. From woodsy juniper and pine to classic red berries and cedar—there’s a style for every home.

DIY Tips:

  • Again you might want to use adhesive hooks or tape to avoid nailing holes in your walls or door frames.
  • When decorating around a window, you can use existing curtain rods to secure lightweight garland in place.
  • Add color and visual interest to a simple garland by inserting small clusters of faux red berries, pinecones, or lights.
A Spruced Up Kitchen
Garland in the Kitchen
Creative Garland Decor

No matter where it appears, thoughtfully placed garland captures attention and inspires delight, at every turn. With these ideas in your back pocket, get set to deck the halls together with family, roommates, or friends—and give yourself permission to savor the process. The moments spent decorating can become cherished memories all their own.

To start weaving in that sense of wonder, explore new garland options in our holiday collection. These timeless, versatile, and enchanting pieces are sure to spruce things up.

Maeve Pine Garland
Red Berry and Cedar Garland
Dried Citrus Slice Garland
Red Berry Pick
Juniper and Pine Garland
Real Touch Cedar Mix Garland