Maggie's Sweet Shoppe at the Silos

by Magnolia
Published on March 14, 2022

Meet Maggie’s Sweet Shoppe, our newest food truck serving hand pies, ice cream, and handcrafted sodas at the Silos here in Waco! The idea of a dessert truck has been in the making for years, and we’re so glad it’s open so you can come experience this nostalgic, feel-good spot—it makes time at the Silos even sweeter. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how our teams brought this food truck to life:

How It All Started

Maggie’s began with a hand pie recipe. It was originally going to be included in one of Jo’s cookbooks, but then was set aside to use for another time. When the idea of bringing a sweets truck to the Silos came up (mostly by Ella, Jo’s oldest daughter), we realized we could use that recipe after all—and hand pies would be the star of the show.

Once we landed on the initial concept, the name and branding started to fall into place. In the past, Chip and Jo have affectionately referred to Magnolia as “Maggie,” so we decided that Maggie's would be the perfect name for this. As an ode to the casual, retro feel we were going for, our in-house creative team chose pastel colors and created a custom font for the logo.

Bringing Maggie’s to life took about two years. This gave us time to create the hand pie recipes, land on the look and feel of the brand, and build the fun, colorful truck for the grounds.

In the Kitchen: Developing + Making Hand Pies

_pictured—the lemon blueberry hand pie being made in our commercial kitchen_

Our hand pies may remind you of a store-bought, childhood favorite treat. These are a homemade version of that, with our own flaky, buttery crust and a variety of fillings.

To develop Maggie’s menu, our food team brainstormed their personal favorite flavors for each season of the year, then narrowed down from that list. The final menu covers three major categories: new flavors, brand favorite flavors, and nostalgic flavors.

The Lineup: Hand Pies

pictured from left to right—brown sugar maple +  sopapilla,  chocolate + sugar cookie, and lemon blueberry

Jo’s favorite (and the most popular) is the brown sugar maple hand pie because it reminds her of one of her go-to treats as a kid. Good news: You can enjoy this flavor year round!

Here are our hand pie flavors for spring: Lemon Blueberry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar Maple, Strawberry, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate, and Sopapilla

Tip: Add two scoops of ice cream to any hand pie! We’re now proudly serving Blue Bell—read more and see the full list of flavors here.

The Lineup: Handcrafted Sodas

Our recipe development team had been holding onto a few handcrafted soda recipes for a while but didn’t feel like they would fit with any of the menus at our other food entities. When the hand pie came to fruition, handcrafted sodas felt like a natural pair.

Here’s our full handcrafted soda menu:

  • Twist & Shout — Coke or Diet Coke + classic vanilla
  • Here Comes the Sun — 7UP + orange + coconut + lime squeeze + wedge 
  • Refresher — sparkling soda + lime wedge + flavor of your choice (orange, vanilla, coconut, cherry, strawberry, blackberry, peach)
  • Drive-In Movie — Coke or Diet Coke + vanilla + cherry + lemon squeeze + wedge
  • Sock Hop — sparkling soda + strawberry + lemon squeeze + wedge 
  • Peach Berry Fizz — sparkling soda + blackberry + peach + strawberry (our most popular flavor!)
  • Citrus Dream — 7UP + coconut + orange + orange wedge 
  • Main Street — 7UP + peach + strawberry + lemon wedge 
  • Call the Doc — Dr Pepper + coconut + cherry
pictured left—main street handcrafted soda; pictured right—refresher handcrafted soda and chocolate hand pie

The unique experience Maggie’s offers is a treat in and of itself: enjoying a hand pie and soda as you watch a game of WIFFLE ball, explore the grounds, or just savor a moment with people you love. We hope you’ll stop by Maggie’s on your next trip to Waco!

Maggie’s Sweet Shoppe is located in the outfield of Katy Ballpark on the Silos grounds next to the Magnolia Table and Silos Baking Co. food trucks.

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