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The Inside Scoop: Blue Bell Ice Cream at the Silos

Published on March 7, 2022

It’s a match made in Texas! We’ve created three Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors exclusive to Magnolia and only available here in Waco, Texas. Here’s the inside scoop on each one:

The Flavor Lineup

When dreaming up flavors, our food team wanted to churn out ice cream that celebrates our story. The result? Three flavors inspired by a few of our favorite places: 

S’mores at the Silos: some of the greatest stories are enjoyed with s’mores around a campfire—and the story of the Silos is one of our favorites
Wacotown Vanilla: a sweet and simple ode to our hometown
Magnolia Press Chocolate Cake: a nod to one of our nostalgic signature treats served at Magnolia Press

S’mores at the Silos

S'mores at the Silos: A favorite fireside treat turned into a favorite summer treat—what's not to love? Milk chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, toasted marshmallow, and a graham cracker sauce swirl. Fun fact: The graham cracker sauce swirl is a first-time creation for Blue Bell in their 115-year history!

Wacotown Vanilla

Wacotown Vanilla: Just as simple and easy to love as the place we call home. Sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Magnolia Press Chocolate Cake

Magnolia Press Chocolate Cake: One of our favorite treats served at our coffee shop turned into a rich ice cream. Dark chocolate and buttercream ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and chocolate icing swirl.

It’s an honor to serve such an iconic Texas brand on our grounds and we can’t wait for you to come try a scoop (or two)! Get a taste of Magnolia’s exclusive Blue Bell flavors at Magnolia Table or at the Silos at Magnolia Table at ConcessionsOpens in new tab and Maggie’s Sweet ShoppeOpens in new tab (try a scoop of our Wacotown Vanilla in a float!).


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Blue Bell FAQs

Do you ship or deliver locally?
Not at this time!

Can I buy these flavors at grocery stores?
No, this is sold exclusively by the scoop at Magnolia Table and the Silos in Waco, Texas.

Do you have vegan options?
Not at this time.

Do you have options for guests with gluten sensitivities?
Yes! Wacotown Vanilla is made without gluten.

Do you have options for guests with nut allergies?
Yes, all three of our flavors are nut-free.

How long will Blue Bell be served at the Silos?
We don't have an end date on the calendar at this time, so come enjoy!

Where is this ice cream made?
All Blue Bell ice cream is made in Brenham, Texas. The company was founded in 1907 as the Brenham Creamery Company, and has been producing ice cream since 1911! It changed its name to the Blue Bell Creamery in 1930 after the bluebell wildflower, which proliferates all over Texas in the perfect season for ice cream—summer.