New Shops to Stroll at the Silos

by Joanna Gaines
Published on July 10, 2020

When we first began the expansion plan at the Silos, my biggest hope was that we could create the feeling of something quaint and nostalgic. I wanted little shops that people could go in and out of as they strolled along tree-lined sidewalks at their leisure. For all the years that I’ve worked in retail, that’s the experience I’ve wanted to share with people. The seed of the idea was planted many years ago when I lived in New York City.

Even though lots of time has passed, I still acutely remember the joy of passing in and out of my favorite shops there. In a season when I longed for familiarity and missed the comforts of home, the stories and curation of the products in those shops would speak to me. Perhaps it sounds odd, but they made me feel known and seen. I would leave with the renewed desire to create something beautiful myself—to risk and dream.

Now we are opening a set of six shops that aims to offer that same type of shopping experience—one that includes discovery, exploration and the small thrill of stumbling upon something that seems put there just for you. Each retail cottage will have its own theme and unique perspective, and my sincere hope is that everyone who visits will find a niche that speaks to them. Whether you leave with a bag full of finds or simply a mind full of ideas, I hope a taste of the experience stays with you. And perhaps it will inspire you for years to come, as it did for me.

Our team put together a snapshot of the shop names along with a few product offerings so you can see what’s coming soon. Most of the products will only be available here in Waco but a small sampling will be available online. I hope you can come stroll through each of them in person!

Get to know the shops—their names and a peek at each product collection:

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Rendering images provided by David Nisbet, AIA with CP&Y Architecture