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Four Ways to Spruce Up a Holiday Wreath

​​Wreaths, of all shapes and sizes, are telltale signs that a new season has arrived. Whether yours finds a home on the front door, above a mantel, or in the kitchen, wreaths add a hint of magic and nostalgia anywhere they're placed. We’ve pulled together a few simple ideas to spruce up your holiday wreath this season.

Here’s what you’ll need to spruce up your wreath:

+ Your favorite fresh or faux wreath. (For the holidays, consider pine or cedar. It functions as a great foundation and has a classic style.)

+ Small decor pieces such as: bells, pinecones, ornaments, floral or berry stems, ribbon, or dried orange slices.

+ Scissors or floral shears.

+ Floral wire—preferably in the same color as your wreath.

Now that you have all of the essentials, it’s time to add a flourish (or two) to your wreath:

Bells: For a Stately Look

Hang a bell in the center of your wreath to add a simple and shiny finish.

(Della Cedar Wreath with a holiday bell)

Ribbon: For a Simple Yet Pulled-Together Look

Cut 2-3 feet of your favorite ribbon and tie it in a loose bow, attach it to the wreath, and let it hang naturally—allowing the ends to fall just below the bottom edge of the wreath.

(Maeve Pine Wreath with cotton ribbon)

Ornaments: For a Festive Look

Space out ornaments around your wreath and hang them just as you would from a Christmas tree. If extra reinforcements are needed, use floral wire to secure the ornaments in place.

(Beryl Snowy Wreath with vintage glass ornaments)

Letters + Phrases: For a Personalized Look

Personalize your wreath by adding a festive greeting or a letter that signifies your family name.

(Maeve Pine Wreath with phrase or letter ornament)

Whether you borrow a look of ours or find yourself inspired to create a look of your own, we hope your wreath brings you delight all season long!

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