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Four Ways to Spruce Up a Holiday Wreath

by Magnolia
Published on November 18, 2021

​​Wreaths, of all shapes and sizes, are telltale signs that a new season has arrived. Whether yours finds a home on the front door, above a mantel, or in the kitchen, wreaths add a hint of magic and nostalgia anywhere they're placed. We’ve pulled together a few simple ideas to spruce up your holiday wreath this season.

Here’s what you’ll need to spruce up your wreath:

+ Your favorite fresh or faux wreath. (For the holidays, consider pine or cedar. It functions as a great foundation and has a classic style.)

+ Small decor pieces such as: bells, pinecones, ornaments, floral or berry stems, ribbon, or dried orange slices.

+ Scissors or floral shears.

+ Floral wire—preferably in the same color as your wreath.

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Now that you have all of the essentials, it’s time to add a flourish (or two) to your wreath:

Bells: For a Stately Look

Hang a bell in the center of your wreath to add a simple and shiny finish.

Ribbon: For a Simple Yet Pulled-Together Look

Cut 2-3 feet of your favorite ribbon and tie it in a loose bow, attach it to the wreath, and let it hang naturally—allowing the ends to fall just below the bottom edge of the wreath.

Ornaments: For a Festive Look

Space out ornaments around your wreath and hang them just as you would from a Christmas tree. If extra reinforcements are needed, use floral wire to secure the ornaments in place.

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Letters + Phrases: For a Personalized Look

Personalize your wreath by adding a festive greeting or a letter that signifies your family name.

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Whether you borrow a look of ours or find yourself inspired to create a look of your own, we hope your wreath brings you delight all season long!

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