Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines: Season 2, Episode 1

by Magnolia
Published on April 8, 2021


I’m so excited to be back in the kitchen for season two of my cooking show!

In our house, there’s something about a slow Saturday morning that draws us all to the kitchen. At the end of a busy week I think it’s only natural to sense that time together, relaxed and unhurried, is worth savoring. And while Chip typically handles breakfast for everyone on weekdays, weekends are when I like to jump in and make a big spread for the family or a few close friends. It has this way of prompting all of us to shift our rhythms a bit and settle in for some time spent together.

It’s for these very reasons that we’re kicking off season 2 with the best of brunch—French Toast Crunch, Kale and Bacon Hash Brown Casserole, Garlic Cheese Grits, and Blended Peach Sunrise.

The best part about this meal is that there’s something for everyone—with both sweet and savory dishes and plenty of opportunity to tailor each recipe to suit your family’s preferences. What I love about a spread like this one is that it elevates an ordinary day and makes it feel special—with the added bonus that everyone gets to stay in their pajamas!

So cheers to family, friends, and French toast! (with just the right amount of crunch)

Watch this Episode

Crunch French Toast

served at our restaurant, Magnolia Table, in Waco, TexasOpens in new tab

a crunchy, caramel coating layered on a breakfast classic

Kale & Bacon Hash Brown Casserole

from Magnolia Table, Volume 2 CookbookOpens in new tab

a variety of breakfast ingredients baked into one savory dish

Garlic Cheese Grits

from Magnolia Table CookbookOpens in new tab

classic grits baked with all the goods—cheese, garlic, and butter

Blended Peach Sunrise

a frozen blended drink with bright flavors of peach and lemon

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