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Episode 16 - The Ramsey House

March 26, 2018

There are always surprises when working with a 100-year-old home, but the character and history inside is what makes it so worth the extra steps to get to the finish line. We had about three months to renovate this house before the family moved from overseas to the States, and since they bought the house sight-unseen, they really trusted us with it. Their wish list included a master bedroom retreat, an open kitchen and a shared space for their family to gather.


The inspiration materials I used to interpret the style of the family’s home

The family loved the character of the old farmhouse, the intricate elements of Moroccan design and the simplicity of the Scandinavian style. We had fun incorporating eclectic patterns, jewel tones and plenty of white to allow for the more bold elements to stand out.


Objective | Enhance the farmhouse’s exterior while introducing the family’s personality


Objective | Make the first impression of the farmhouse stand out


Objective | Create a space big enough for the whole family to gather, while also incorporating their collectibles into the design


Objective | Carve out a quiet area for the kids to do schoolwork


Objective | Open up the kitchen to the living room


Objective | Create an additional sitting room for the family to be, while there is cooking happening in the kitchen


Objective | Create a bedroom and bathroom set aside especially for Brooke and Charlie

This family’s story is incredible, and Chip and I really enjoyed the opportunity to design a home that reflects it. Thank you for trusting us with this project. May you enjoy this new season in your life in your new home!

Interview With Homeowner

Q: What was something that surprised you about the design process?

A: We enjoyed being hands-off and letting Jo do her thing! After living overseas for so long, we weren’t really sure what our style was. We just knew that we loved the history of the home, minimalist design, and decor that would reflect the adventures we’ve lived and the places we love.

Q: What was the deciding factor that attracted you to choosing this home over the other two options?

A: When we knew it was time to move our family back to the States, we started looking online. As soon as we saw this place, we knew it was one-of-a-kind: a great school district, 3 acres of land, and historical significance in the area.

Q: What is your favorite room in the house, and why?

A: We love to gather in the kitchen around the big table, looking out over the pasture in the back, and warming ourselves by the antique fireplace. We love that it also has access to the porch where we’ve planted greens in the garden boxes and where we love to swing in the late afternoon. I imagine lots of holidays, game nights, and family dessert nights here.

Q: What is your favorite feature in the house, and why?

A: We love the hanging lamps and the tiled fireplace in the bedroom. Being in that bedroom makes it feel like a real romantic retreat from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives raising five kids.

Q: How did your home balance design and functionality?

A: We love the simple, modern design of the kitchen cabinetry and the shelves in the study. There’s enough storage to keep what we need hidden away, but not so much that we store extra stuff and let it pile up. Opening up the kitchen, dining, and den area really helped us all stay together as a family even though we might be engaged in different tasks.

Q: Why did you apply to Fixer Upper?

A: We loved the idea of Chip and Jo fixing up our house for us while we were still packing up our house overseas. We honestly can’t imagine managing a renovation project ourselves. That sounds way too stressful and way too many decisions! Moving around the world has enough worries of its own than to have to be picking out countertops!


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  • Sarah
    1:02 pm, April 16, 2018
    What is the name of the paint color you used on the front door?
  • Cynthia C. Dawson
    6:54 pm, April 10, 2018
    Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful, i love it!!!!!
    10:51 am, April 9, 2018
    Dear Chip and Jo, I am from India and in Texas for just few months. My family is a great fan of your family and of course your Fixer Upper Show. I visited Waco and it was a real treat to myself when I went to the Silos and the Magnolia Market (to watch something in real which I have loved to see in TV). I am eagerly waiting to see Fixer Upper again. When are you coming back? All your fans must be missing you just as I am. Reading the below few comments I came to know that you are blessed with a baby boy. LOTS and LOTS of CONGRATULATIONS!!!! May God shower all His blessings on your family.

    Love from Moumita
    • Cynthia C Dawson
      7:02 pm, April 10, 2018
      I did not know your family increased by one already, and it was a boy!! Please except my heartfelt congratulations on your little baby boy. My daughter is due with my second grandchild August 6, what a blessing. I know you and your husband are overjoyed. The wee one is going to have a lot of brothers and sisters to show him the ropes. Enjoy and God bless !!!
  • Carla Barbieri
    7:58 am, April 7, 2018
    My dear Family Gaines! First of all. congratulation for a new Baby! What wonderfull new! We are cuople of latins, my husband cuban and I chilean who live in Sweden for many years.
    I really You dont have idea how fans we are!! We really love your show, your familiy and the pasaion both of you Works. We waiting for you show every single week. And we are considering visiting in Waco.
    We send all the family big kiss and hug
    From Sweden
    Carla & Jose
  • Jeanne
    4:03 pm, April 5, 2018
    Where can I find similar light fixtures to what is on the front of the house on both sides of the door?
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