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AT HOME | a blog by Joanna Gaines

Episode 12 - My Garden

February 19, 2018

It’s been hard for me to keep this Fixer Upper episode a secret! My garden is truly the place where I find the most peace. There’s just something about working the garden and getting my hands dirty that is so relaxing to me. I’ve dreamed of having a garden like this one since I got into gardening years ago. Plus, when we decided to open our restaurant, Magnolia Table, I knew I wanted to use farm-fresh ingredients straight from our garden—but that meant I was going to need a much larger area to grow herbs and produce.

My wish list for this indoor garden house included an indoor watering station, potting table, plenty of counter and shelf space for indoor plants and my gardening books, and room for a table. For the actual garden itself, I wanted raised garden beds and a chicken coop with a chicken run.


The inspiration materials I used to interpret the style of the space

Getting to design this garden house took me back to when we first renovated the Farmhouse. Because Chip and I had previously been flipping the homes we lived in with the intention of selling them off, the Farmhouse was the first place we designed entirely for us. I’ve had the privilege of getting to work with so many wonderful families with so many different design choices, so getting to design this space for my family was so special.

Because our house is 120 years old, I wanted this garden house to have the same look and feel as our storied old farmhouse. So to make this new building look and feel old, I went with a rustic European farmhouse style—cozy, intimate and welcoming. I used a lot of white oak, zinc countertops and (of course) lots of green plants.


Objective | Design this new structure in a way that makes it look just as old as our 120-year-old farmhouse


Objective | Create a durable, inspiring interior with an old-world feel and plenty of natural light for plants


Objective | Build a large garden that is conducive to growing multiple types of plants

I told Chip I can picture our kids getting married here someday, and I meant it. For us, this farm represents home—the kind of lasting place that gets passed from generation to generation, and adding in this garden adds one more chapter to the story.


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  • JZ
    4:41 pm, March 19, 2018
    I hope you put out an interior design book as well. A demo day book would also be great.
  • Melissa Pratt
    7:10 pm, March 18, 2018
    Can you please tell me the name of the vines you have growing on your teepee structures? Please! I had them at my old house and we moved and wanted to have them again but can’t find them. Love you guys so much!
  • Pay Bell
    1:25 pm, March 17, 2018
    I love you guyd! I just started watching your show a couple months ago and I fell in love with the first episode. I'm 71 and sit on my bed most of the day and when you go come on it Brighton my day. I just start smiling. I know Chips shenanigans are starting and he has me rolling and then there's your beauty and grace to round out the show. That talent you were blessed with amazies me. I'm going to miss you solo much! I want to see that baby! I like Daxx as a "D" name. It's different. Love you guys!
  • Lori Darretta
    4:35 pm, March 15, 2018
    I'd like to know where the wicker/rattan dining chairs used in the garden shed are from. Who is the manufacturer and where can I buy them?
  • Maribeth Spence
    10:11 am, March 14, 2018
    This was probably one of my favorite episodes. Just because you all are doing what I've always dreamed of doing. Having a small farm with a few chickens and a big garden. I'm getting a bit too old now probably to realize that dream but still love watching you two build that beautiful place up. And now my bucket list thing is to just someday travel to Waco and see some of these make overs and that Silo place of you all's. My three kids are all grown young men now and boy did all that time past by so quickly. I just got through listening to your Audiobook of the Magnolia Story and it was beautiful! I'm in tears. I think maybe I had a similar experience in school as Joanna had, had with kids tormenting me. Only i didn't know why, now i wonder if it was because back then my skin was often very dark and my Native American blood showed very much in my face. After a bout with cancer though and the even worse stress of being a mom with a son who has is own battle with cancer now my skin isn't that rich tan anymore. I guess maybe that's why I loved the garden episode so much. If I'd known the things i know about our food industry in this country how much more better off we all would be if we raised our own food or bought locally...well anyway thank you guys for being the awesome down to earth folks you are and hope to continue to see you two now and then after this show comes to a close.
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