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DIY Potting Faux Stems

February 16, 2018

There’s just something refreshing about adding greenery into your home when spring rolls around. While fresh cut stems are always a treat to get to use, faux plants are a longer lasting way to add in a variety of textures and hues of green into your space.

I talk a lot about using faux stems in vases, but because I really do love plants so much, I wanted our creative team to put together a simple DIY to show how you can use faux stems to create the potted plant look as well. I love to use live plants when I can, but mixing in some faux plants here and there really helps to cut down on the amount of time I spend watering every week!

These faux potted plants look especially real when they’re styled up above eye level – on open shelving or on top of a hutch. And unlike real plants, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water them or about the amount of light they’re getting. So faux stems are really a great substitute to live ones when you want the added greenery without the added care.

You really only need a few supplies for this one!

Grab a pot from your garage or hardware store – the pot the team used is from the Market. In addition to the pot, you’ll need floral foam from a craft store, a kitchen knife and faux stems with a stable pick on the end. There are 5 variations at Magnolia Market if you don’t already have any on hand. 

First, use the kitchen knife to cut the floral foam to fit inside your pot. To keep the stems in place, tightly fill the pot with foam all the way up to the rim. You may have to cut the foam in small pieces to fill holes – but keeping the bulk of your foam in large pieces will make for a more sturdy hold for your stems.

After the foam is fully in place, you can begin filling the pot with your stem or stems. If your pot requires more than one, it’s best to start in the middle of the pot so you can establish how tall you want your finished plant to be and so you can ensure that the inside is full. After you fill the middle, start filling in the sides of the pot. The trick to making these faux stems look real is to keep the stems at varying heights, and for less structured stems, allow them to hang over the edges of the pot. You may need to cover your floral foam with moss from your local craft store, or actual dirt if your stems don’t fully cover it.

And that’s it! This project only takes about 20 minutes and is such a great addition to your home, not only in the springtime, but year ‘round. Tag me on Instagram to show me your potted faux stems!

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  • Tina Logan
    8:11 pm, February 20, 2018
    First, I would like to say that I absolutely love the Garden shed that was on last weeks episode! I could totally live in there...no problem. Hey Jo, come over for a cup of coffee!😀. My question...where do you find the fig trees that are used in the staging of the beautiful homes? Are they faux or real? Thanks!!! BTW...congratulations on the new baby! Your kids are awesome. ❤️
  • Betty
    12:29 am, February 20, 2018
    How about mixing faux with living plants ... ?
  • Shawna Scarberry
    2:53 pm, February 18, 2018
    Where can you find the saucers that match the magnolia flower pot?
  • Barb
    1:26 pm, February 18, 2018
    So pretty Joanna! Thankyou for these ideas!
  • Alma Olivares
    3:07 pm, February 17, 2018
    I beulding me house about 2 years ago and not finished yet little detail need you help
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