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Magnolia Florals + Vases

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our stunning faux florals! Crafted from premium materials, these artificial flowers, greenery, and faux stems look incredibly lifelike and bring a sense of natural beauty to any space. Make these exquisite pieces part of your home decor!

As we await, and then welcome, warmer seasons, we take a cue from nature—giving space for the world around us to grow slowly. Artificial floral arrangements can help us embrace the coming season and create a little beauty of our own.

Bringing together decorative flowers, greenery, and vases, these lively displays are a simple way to celebrate the outdoors as it all begins to bloom. Create a classic-meets-rustic centerpiece with Magnolia vases. These uniquely crafted vessels - ranging from ceramic to glass vases, bud to tall - will bring a bit of old-fashioned charm to your modern décor. Make memories with the timeless beauty of Magnolia!


Pairing Faux Florals and Vases

Create a timeless and delicate look: For this pairing, we loved the contrast between a rustic black vase and soft, feminine roses. Fill the vessel space with quite a few stems, making the arrangement appear like a large bounty picked fresh from the garden. Another way to create a natural appearance is by varying the height of your stems. Snip a bit off the length with wire cutters and removed any excess leaves at the bottom. You don’t want the area at the top of the vase to appear too bushy.

Create a lively and playful look: A classic concrete vase is an ideal blank canvas for a more playful, varied arrangement. The rustic look helps balance the levity of the flowers and greenery. Lean into subtle colors here, bringing together plenty of stems and even one of our pre-assorted bouquets—filled with soft yellows, pinks, greens, and some neutrals.

When styling, bend the long leaves downward to form organic shapes, and make sure to clip any that started to feel too messy. The blooms could then reach upward and all around to round things out. This arrangement is big and full, so you don’t need anything else in the vase to hold your stems in place.

Create an organic and casual look: Eucalyptus stems or greenery are versatile—making it easy to add texture and color to any room. We like to pair them with an earthy, light-clay vase to reinforce the natural look and brighten up the surrounding area. You may want floral foam at the bottom of the vase to give yours extra support.

One way to vary the appearance and make your arrangement more realistic is to alter a few of the stems, detaching a branch or two. You can also give each piece its own character by looking for opportunities to bend, shape, and create organic movement. This is all to prevent uniformity and reflect what you may find out in the wild. Adjust and fluff each branch until it feels right to you!

Create a minimal and playful look: Bud vases are on the smaller side, so we trim the stems with wire cutters to fit just right. When inserted into the vases, if the arrangement looks too full, clip off a few of the leaves giving it a more minimalist, simple look. Feel free to play around with yours—these stems are easy to trim, bend, and make your own.

For the display, we recommend filling two vases with stems and leaving the third empty. This plays off the rule of threes while keeping it visually interesting and unexpected.


For additional tips and tricks in pairing florals and vases, Creating Your Own Floral Arrangements will offer step by step instructions to create your own beautiful floral display. 

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