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More Than a Race: Silo District Marathon Year Two

by Chip Gaines
Published on May 15, 2019

Year TWO of hosting the Silo District Marathon is in the books!

Last year, I took on the full marathon and after running those 26.2 miles, I was numb and literally had nothing left in me. As I crossed the finish line, I was so out of gas that I could barely move.. much less see the incredible things happening all around me. I don’t think I had ever done something that grueling, that physically tough (and I mean TOUGH) my entire life.

This year, as I finished the half marathon (13.1 miles) I was able to process and really see the amazing people crossing the finish line one right after another—each one a miracle in their own right. Folks from all over the world and from every walk of life were running side by side, accomplishing their goal—a goal they’d each presumably been training for and working toward for months, some, even years. I saw able bodies and disabled bodies. I saw “runners” as well as average folks, like me, who don’t at all look the part. It was right then and there that it clicked with me why we host this race..

We host this race because I believe when we do hard things together, we can accomplish the impossible! Whether it's to push our bodies further than we ever have before, or raise a boatload of money to help find a cure for this thief called cancer.

I want this race to bring people together mile after mile and impact us all well beyond race day. I want you to challenge yourself—and I mean really take on a goal you know will be tough. This is about doing something that feels uncomfortable. Believe me, Gabe GrunewaldOpens in new tab understands this feeling every. single. day. So whether “uncomfortable” for you is walking the 5K or running your first full marathon, like I did last year—whatever it is, just as long as it pushes you! For me, I knew when I met Gabe in NYC almost two years ago and heard her extraordinary story, that not only could I run a marathon, I HAD to.

This year over 6,000 people joined me out on this course and together, we raised over $300,000 for both a local cancer treatment center and the Brave Like Gabe foundation.

Our third annual Silo District Marathon is set for April 26, 2020, and I’m asking you to come alongside me and take on this challenge. Set your goal today and sign up for next year’s race!Opens in new tab We’ve got something good going here, and if it’s up to Gabe.. If it’s up to me.. we’re just getting started!

Click here to sign upOpens in new tab