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August Magnolia Makeover

August 15, 2016


Thank you to all who entered our AUGUST #magnoliamakeover! It was a tough choice, but for this month our winner is @kelseybell_ampd! Kelsey entered as a surprise for her parents to get their dining room updated, and I loved the bones of this space. I knew with a few simple updates this would become a beautiful room for this family to gather for meals together.

My idea for this dining room was to use soft colors, like blues and neutrals, and wooden furniture from my line to create a quaint and peaceful space.


So, Kelsey, congratulations on the win! I designed this space with you and your family in mind. This was my vision, but ultimately I want this to reflect your family’s style and story.

Read your style plan below:

clean slate SHEET august thurs c

move in SHEET august 2

image05 Shop Kelsey’s Style plan:

Phase 1 | Rainy Days | Shiplap  

Phase 2 | Magnolia Home Furniture | Magnolia Home Rugs (Available this fall at retailers near you)  

Phase 3 | We Broke Bread Sign | Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers | Green Rimmed Dinnerware | Hempstead Pitcher | Felicity Cake Stand | Wooden Trough | Paper White Bulbs

Doing these style plans every month is so much fun for me. I love seeing these spaces and envisioning how these families will enjoy them. I hope these design tips help anyone in the middle of a dining room update, but I especially hope Kelsey and her parents enjoy this style plan! Kelsey, thank you so much for entering! What a thoughtful thing to do for your parents.

Didn’t win this month? Post a photo of your space on Instagram, make sure your account is public and use the hashtag #magnoliamakeover. Next winner will be announced September 15th! Browsing the photos in this hashtag has been one of my favorite things to do the last few months. So keep it up, and thank you guys so much!


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  • Denise Gatto
    1:47 pm, March 12, 2017
    Joanna Gaines; There is no competition when it comes to your style and vision. You continue to inspire me. Keep working that quirky old man before he runs out of steam! Terrific!!!
  • Jill G.
    4:53 pm, November 29, 2016
    I'm trying to blog but getting nowhere. I don't use my phone much...how can we enter contests without fb or Twitter or?? We don't have a t.v. right now and have missed so many episodes. Love them all!
  • Sarah Costa
    7:14 pm, November 9, 2016
    I love watching your show! it's one of the best shows on T.V. You and Chip have such great chemistry and he cracks me up! Your remodels always look so beautiful!!
  • Jenny Cramer
    9:06 am, October 24, 2016
    Visited Magnolia Market and surrounding area, was very impressed! There were four of us wanting to shop and found several things to purchase after fighting the crowd but the lines were ridiculous and the prices were even worse; disappointed as I believed that Chip and Joanna were about being caring and fair. The only thing we bought was breakfast at one of the Food Trucks which we waited in line for a half an hour. The most fun and entertaining part of the visit was Roz on the "Jolly Trolley" she was up beat, very informative and sang a song for us she actually wrote; great lady! We drove from San Antonio to visit the market, I hope in the future that they can figure out away to keep the lines shorter and the prices lower. I'm all about people making a profit but not taking advantage, just because they can. My friends and I came prepared to spend some money but could not justify paying those high prices and standing in line for over an hour. The line at the bakery was nearly 30 people deep when we arrived and more than that when we left. May pay off for a while but eventually people will not come back and will tell their friends that "it's not worth the trip". Want to shop, go on line; no waiting there. My advice to anyone wanting to go visit; go during the week or don't go at all. Saturday was very disappointing.
    • Sharon Kleinecke
      12:51 pm, January 5, 2017
      My two daughters and I, along with my sister in law, went and had a great experience! The lines were not bad at all, ate at the food trucks (delicious!) and even bought a couple of things we found reasonably priced. Can't wait to go back!
  • Barb
    9:41 am, September 28, 2016
    Where's the after pix?
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