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Breaking Down Our Bedding Collection

Published on April 18, 2023

Our bedroom is where we begin and end our days, so it should feel like a retreat—minimal and uncluttered. I love the look and texture of our bedding collection—it’s refined and layered with a lived-in comfort to help make this a place where you can truly be at rest. — Joanna

Good rest recharges us for the day ahead. Our bedding plays a key role in that—and learning about the various options available can help lead us toward a better night of sleep.

To help you reach a comfier, cozier place to retreat, we’ve broken down the bedding in our assortment below, including colors, materials, and care. While you can’t go wrong with any of these options, you may naturally gravitate toward certain styles over others.

All About Layers

Let’s begin with the components of a well-made bed. From linens that lay the foundation to cozy covers on top, there’s a rhyme and reason to these carefully curated layers.

Keep in mind that there’s no right way to style your bed—so give yourself permission to pick the pieces that feel right for you! Here’s what we currently offer in our collection…

01 Sheet Sets

A set of three essentials to start building your bed: a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases. These pieces are breathable, comfortable, and hold up to everyday use.

Material + Color Options:

  • Cotton Melange: available in Charcoal, Dove, Oatmeal, Optic White

02 Duvet Covers

A cozy companion for plush duvet inserts. This option provides a little extra warmth, without preventing airflow.

Material + Color Options:

  • Linen Cotton: available in Dusty Green, Rustic Clay, White Stripe, Charcoal Stripe, Dove, Optic White, Driftwood, Slate, Shadow Grey + Antique White, Antique White + Oatmeal Stripe
  • Cotton Melange: available in Charcoal, Dove

03 Quilts

A bed topper that can stand alone but layers well, too. While thinner than a duvet, the soft velvet and lofty filling offer plenty of support—with an inviting look and feel.

Material + Color Options:

  • Weekend Velvet: available in Dusty Green, Rustic Clay, Slate, Driftwood

04 Coverlets

A drapey, lightweight layer that brings texture to the bed stack. These are just right for warm weather or added comfort on colder nights.

Material + Color Options:

  • Textured Cotton: available in Optic White, Slate

05 Shams

A decorative cover for your pillows—with envelope closures for secure, out-of-sight tucking. These give any bed a smooth, subtle elegance.

Material + Color Options:

  • Linen Cotton: available in Dusty Green, Rustic Clay, Charcoal Stripe, Optic White, White Stripe, Slate, Driftwood, Shadow Grey + Antique White, Antique White + Oatmeal Stripe
  • Weekend Velvet: available in Dusty Green, Rustic Clay, Slate, Driftwood

Styling Tip:

After you’ve selected your bedding, take time to consider if you’d like to incorporate decorative pillows and throws for an added layer of warmth, color, and coziness. The best part? Our newest collection is filled with hues that complement our entire bedding line (like dusty green, rustic clay, and plenty of neutrals).

A Closer Look at Materials

Our collection is made with four key materials: linen cotton, cotton mélange, weekend velvet, and textured cotton—to offer a little something for everyone.

The Relaxed: Linen Cotton

Featured above is our Linen Cotton Duvet in Dusty Green

The Details:

Soft, lived-in look

Thicker feel

Offers comfort all year long

To Wash + Dry:

Linen cotton is a more natural and low-maintenance type of bedding. A major benefit of the fabric is that it looks best when it’s slightly wrinkled—given its unique and beautiful texture. To clean: machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low, and remove promptly. You can also use non-chlorine bleach when needed. If you prefer a tidier look, a light steam after a wash is all it needs.

The Classic: Cotton Mélange

Featured above is our Cotton Melange Duvet in Dove

The Details:

100% cotton

Durable and breathable

Just right for everyday use

To Wash + Dry:

For the best results, machine wash your cotton mélange bedding on a cold, gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry on low and remove promptly. If you like your bedding more refined, iron it for added freshness and fewer wrinkles.

The Plush: Weekend Velvet

Featured above is our Weekend Velvet Quilt + Sham in Rustic Clay

The Details:

100% cotton

Smooth, inviting feel

Ideal year-round

To Wash + Dry:

You’ll want to machine wash these pieces on cold, choosing a gentle cycle and soft detergent. Non-chlorine bleach may be used when necessary. If possible, velvet should be washed alone. Otherwise, try not to overload the washer with too many items. (This helps prevent excessive wrinkling.) Tumble dry on low with wool dryer balls and remove promptly. And again, feel free to iron it for a smoother appearance.

The Natural: Textured Cotton

Featured above is our Textured Cotton Coverlet in Optic White

The Details:

100% cotton

Adds dimension + warmth

Easy to layer

To Wash + Dry:

More low-maintenance than you may think given the textured appearance—this material is easy to clean and machine washable! Just make sure to select a delicate wash cycle and gentler detergent, when possible. Given the natural fibers in cotton, it will soften with each wash, so there’s no need for fabric softeners.

A Few FAQs

Taking care of your bedding will add to its longevity and help keep pieces feeling fresh and inviting. Here are a few additional questions you may have, answered!

How often should I wash my bedding?

There’s nothing quite like clean bedding straight out of the laundry! It’s recommended to wash your bedding (especially sheets) once a week, possibly bi-weekly depending on use.

How often should I replace my sheets + what are the signs of wear and tear?

Sheets should be replaced after 2-3 years.

Visible signs of wear and tear (thinning, yellowing, fading) are the most obvious indicators your sheets are past their prime, but there’s also a good chance you’ll start to feel it when they’re less cozy.

Other bedding pieces, like duvet covers, can be replaced a little later—around the 3-5 year mark.

How can I refresh my bedding in between washes?

Freshen up your bedding in between washes by gently misting your favorite scent of linen spray. We suggest lavender, eucalyptus, or jasmine—these are all light, calming scents to help you unwind.

Sweet dreams! We hope these bedding basics have been a helpful guide as you uncover your best night’s sleep.