Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines: Season 7, Episode 6

by Magnolia
Published on December 13, 2022

Mushroom Bisque

Food has the power to bring people together, even in the most unexpected ways. Take mushrooms, an ingredient that could divide some households like it does ours (Chip and I love them—the kids, not so much). But when you give yourself permission to get creative in the kitchen, magic happens. That’s the story behind today’s entrée: Mushroom Bisque.

This creamy, savory soup is filled with onions, carrots, heavy cream, and of course, mushrooms. It’s simple to make but filling and flavorful. I like to serve soup with something you can dip, so I’m making a crunchy French bread with Garlic-Chive Compound Butter. To counter the rich bisque, I’m keeping the appetizer light with Cherry Burrata—sliced cherries, balsamic reduction, and lemon zest spooned with Burrata cheese. I’m finishing off the meal with a Chocolate Molten Cake for dessert.

See you in the kitchen!

Mushroom Bisque

mushrooms and veggies blended into a creamy, savory soup

Cherry Burrata

sliced cherries tossed with balsamic reduction and lemon zest and served with fresh burrata cheese and toasted crostini

Garlic-Chive Compound Butter

fresh baked french bread served with butter mixed with minced garlic and fresh chives

Chocolate Molten Cake

chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center baked in individual ramekins, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a scoop of ice cream and fresh strawberries

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