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A Closer Look: The Silos Expansion

by Magnolia
Published on June 3, 2021

Our vision for the Silos has always been to offer a place where people could gather and spend time together. It’s really an honor every time someone chooses to walk through those gates, and it’s important to Chip and me that the experiences we create across the grounds are unique and meaningful, and offer something for everyone. The hope with these new additions is that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll come explore and leave feeling renewed.
— Jo

Exteriors of The Old Church and Shops at the Silos.

In 2020, we broke new ground at the Silos to continue building toward Chip and Jo’s vision for our little corner of Waco. What was once home to just Magnolia Market and the Silos is now almost a full city block of spaces to shop, eat, and explore.

Here's a look at what we've added!

Map of the Silos grounds.

The Old Church

As you walk through the 8th street Silos entrance, the first thing you'll notice is The Old Church—one of Waco’s oldest structures—restored to serve as a historical anchor to the Silos grounds. We hope this building serves as an inspiring part of your experience—one that as you pass through allows you to pause, reflect, and take in all the beauty it has to offer.

Learn more about the renovation process and history of the Old Church.

Interior of The Old Church at the Silos.

Shops at the Silos

Lining the sidewalks leading up to the Old Church, you'll find six boutique shops, each curated and designed with a specific theme. While Magnolia Market and Magnolia Home host our more robust furniture and home decor selection, these shops offer a more intimate shopping experience and product selection. We hope you'll love the experience of browsing through each one when you come to visit.

Reverie: women's clothing

Vie Bien Aimee: bath and body care

No. 16: men's provisions

Ferny's Retro Plant Shop: small batch plants in unique pots and retro apparel/decor

Chapter One: books and paper

Tried & True: jewelry, leather bags, and accessories

Exterior of the Shops at the Silos.
Exterior of Vie Bien Aimee at the Shops at the Silos.
Group of people shopping at the Silos.

Learn more about each of the shops.

Magnolia Press Patio

The best seat in the house is on the patio just outside our coffee shop, Magnolia Press. You can find a spot in the sun or in the shade at one of our many cafe tables, and on cool days you can warm up beside the fireplace.

Group of friends playing games on the Magnolia Press patio.

Katy Ballpark

The Silos grounds were once home to Katy Park, a historic baseball field that played host to legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. In an effort to pay homage to this history, Chip and Jo created Katy Ballpark, a Wiffle ball field where you can hit home runs with family and friends.

A group of boys playing Wiffle ball at Katy Ballpark at the Silos.

Learn more about the history of Katy Ballpark.

Magnolia Table at Concessions

What's a Wiffle ball field without good food to go along with it? Right across from Katy Ballpark, you'll find Magnolia Table at Concessions, a take-away version of our sit-down restaurant (an 8-minute drive from the Silos). Stop by for a limited selection of menu items!

A pretzel at Katy Ballpark at the Silos.
Ice cream at Katy Ballapark.

Magnolia Food Trucks + Breezeway

Along with our food truck park, we have a few food trucks of our own located right across from Katy Ballpark:

Taco Truck: our take on Tex-Mex

Maggie's Sweet Shoppe: cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream (open seasonally)

Taco Truck at the Silos grounds.
Maggies Sweet Shoppe at the Silos.

Photo Booth

Once you've picked up something to snack on from our food trucks, head to the photo booth right next door to capture your visit!

Guests enjoying the photo booth at the Silos.
Photo booth at the Silos grounds.
Photo booth at the Silos grounds.

Local Food Trucks

There’s an abundance of great food in Waco, so we created a Food Truck park complete with shaded picnic tables to host a few of the city’s favorites.

Take a look at the food truck lineup.

Watch the Expansion on Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

Chip and Jo give a behind the scenes look at expanding the Silos in a special Fixer Upper: Welcome Home episode called Breaking New Ground on Magnolia Network!

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