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Homebody is Here

by Joanna Gaines
Published on November 5, 2018

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the day my design book releases! I titled it Homebody because I’m the biggest homebody I know.

In many ways, this book is the culmination of all that I’ve learned about design in the last two decades. Something I’ve come to realize is that it’s not uncommon for people to get bogged down with design rules and comparisons when it comes to creating a place that feels significant and unique to them. But to me, the key to loving whatever home you’re in now isn’t found in the pursuit of perfect spaces. It’s also not about mimicking a specific, prescribed style. It’s about telling your story within your home, and making it a place that celebrates the personalities of everyone who lives there.

This approach to design needn’t be reserved for your one day “dream house.” Whatever home you find yourself in now, I want you to own it. Dream about it. Make it matter for everyone you share it with. That’s what Homebody is all about.

When we started conceptualizing this book, my hope was that it would be more than just another book that people would glance at and then place on a shelf to collect dust. I wanted it to be filled with something more impactful than pages of pretty photos and unattainable ideals. So, I purposefully created this book to be a practical guide that you could return to again and again, and that over time, the pages that inspire you most would end up weathered and earmarked. I’ve also included a section in the back of the book where you can take notes, sketch your own design plans, and dream for the rooms in your home.

I can’t wait to hear stories of how this book has impacted your own spaces. If anything, I hope you’ll find insight that might nudge you towards creating intentional spaces filled with thoughtful details that make them places you never want to leave.

Here are a few fun behind-the-scenes photos taken during the making of Homebody:

You can purchase your copy of Homebody at or wherever books are sold tomorrow, November 6th!

Click here to download the Homebody Design Template.Opens in new tab