Fixer Upper Season 5, Episode 10

by Joanna Gaines
Published on January 30, 2018

Thank you so much for watching tonight’s special episode! We were honored to get to team up with the Tim Tebow Foundation to give this amazing family a practical and handicap-accessible home for their children. I can’t wait for you to get to see the rest of the details in this house, but until then, I’d like to show you my favorite spaces—the boys’ rooms! The goal was to give Calan and Lawson the freedom they need to play, have fun, and live life independently in rooms that have a practical, yet inspiring design that they won’t outgrow.


Accessibility Solutions

Making the entire home wheelchair-accessible for the boys was the number one priority for this home, but it was especially important in their own bedrooms. First, we made sure the basic needs were met: light switches they could reach independently, grab bars, flooring that was easy to move around on, and bathroom sinks that they could reach to wash their hands and brush their teeth. We also added in handrails and handles along the wall to help them get around their space. This detail makes all the difference when Calan and Lawson need a hand getting in and out of their chairs. Once we had the necessities taken care of, we focused on adding in the fun elements—like making their toys and books easy for them to access without needing to ask for help. This is something you could emulate in any space for young children. Use wall anchors and drill bookshelves and baskets into the walls lower than you might typically. It makes playtime more fun when they’re able to pull out (and pick up) their toys without help.


Wood Chair Rail

I really wanted their rooms to reflect these boys’ personalities. This wood chair rail was a perfect solution both design wise and from a practical standpoint. We knew we wanted to hang storage bins and bookshelves lower on the wall, and this extra definition along the bottom half of the walls provided the perfect opportunity to hang things more dimensionally. If you’re looking for something playful and interesting for a kid’s room, I highly suggest this chair rail! It’s also really durable and would be great in a playroom.

Timeless Design for Growing Kids

When working with kids rooms it’s so tempting to design the space for the age they are at the time of the renovation. I can’t tell you how many times Emmie and Ella have wanted a princess room—only to want something completely different a year later. I found that the key is to make the base of the room a design that they can grow into, and then add in easy-to-update elements that fit their age. For the Copp boys, we stuck with a deep blue color they wouldn’t outgrow, and then added in age-appropriate details like the Lego bins and dinosaur wall art. Intentional spaces make the room feel neat and tidy, while still having the elements that are playful and fun.

Personalizing the Space

I loved incorporating encouraging quotes and personalizing the boys’ rooms. I wanted this space to feel like home for these two boys from the very beginning. Little things like the letter board and having their names over the beds made the space uniquely theirs. But my favorite saying we added in the bathroom came straight from the Copps. They regularly use the encouragement “I can and I will,” so adding it to the wall just felt like the perfect finishing touch. Incorporating little personal details, like this one, are what make a house feel like home.


Using Tile for Pattern

Nothing says fun and timeless like stripes, so this tile pattern carried from the floor up the back wall made for a really interesting detail that stands out. This pattern also gave an illusion that made the room feel more spacious.


Creative Storage Solutions

The number one priority in this bathroom was making sure it was wide enough for the boys to easily move around in while sitting in their chairs. In order to save space—but also to add a fun detail to the bathroom—we decided to install these vintage lockers built into the walls for storage rather than classic cabinetry. Since these are flush with the wall, they don’t take up precious square footage. They also happen to be really practical, because the boys can easily reach the bottom lockers for getting their own towels or toiletries. One of the hardest things about any kids’ space is keeping it somewhat clean and organized while still allowing them to be a kid. This is an interesting way to fit both organization and fun into one space.


Thank you again for watching tonight’s special episode! Here's a peek at more photos and details from The Copp House!