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How to Choose Wall Art for Your Space

by Magnolia
Published on March 28, 2023

Paintings and mirrors lean against a painted brick wall.

Here’s the deal. Choosing art for your home doesn’t always come naturally. For some, it may even be the most challenging part of tying a room together. And while questions like how do I choose the right size or the right colors to fit my space? and how do I pair different pieces of art together? are common, they can also feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Whether you feel stuck trying to decide what kind of art will look good in your space, or you already know what you like and simply need to find the right one, we’re here to help guide you toward identifying pieces that fit your style and your space.

We've found that embracing this simple statement can help set the tone for making your wall art selection:

Art is an Opportunity for Self-Expression

Consider viewing your walls as a blank canvas. As an opportunity to showcase your personality in a fun way—through color, subject, and composition. Because it’s often what we choose to hang on our walls that makes a space feel uniquely our own.

Botanical wall art hangs on a stone wall in a dining room scene.

That’s the beautiful thing about art—it’s a reflection of how personal and individual telling the story of your home is. It exists to remind us where we’ve been, what we love, and it reflects the beauty we are drawn to.

With that in mind, it’s important to understand that choosing art is more of an intuitive process than you might think, and no one is better equipped to tell your story than you. But, from a practical point of view, there are a few steps you can follow to help guide your purchase, and make it a worthwhile investment.

A gallery of various wall decor pieces hang on a white wall above a bench with decorative pillows.
A still life canvas featuring open blooms and a silver-finished frame.

Consider Your Available Wall Space

The first step to choosing a piece of wall art is determining what kind of real estate you have. If you want to get the sizing just right, now is the time to grab the tape measure.

If you have a larger wall to fill or are wanting one statement piece to anchor your space, look for large-scale art. These pieces have the potential to make a really big impact on a space!

Whether you have a large or small wall to fill and are hoping to bring several pieces of art into the space, consider a gallery wall. A good starting point here is to pair complementary styles and colors together. Assessing what’s currently in your space—style, color, and pattern themes—can also help you decide what makes sense on your gallery wall.

If you’re looking to add a little visual interest in a cozier space or something simple to finish out a corner or nook, opt for smaller frames.

Two nature-inspired framed art pieces sit on a styled wooden shelf.
Framed art pieces sit layered against a neutral wall.

Consider Your Existing Decor

Before purchasing new wall art for a specific space, take stock of what decor and furniture you already have in there. For a mostly neutral room, rich or colorful art could be great to infuse. Or, if you already have plenty of color, texture, and pattern, look for simpler, more subdued art pieces.

Pair Complementary Styles + Colors Together

Our wall art is categorized by style to help you identify pieces that you're naturally drawn to. Go bold and mix styles or stick to the genre that feels right to you. To make it even simpler, consider art that’s sold as a pair.

There isn’t a set formula for grouping art together, so enjoy the process of trying something new in your space!

This robust collection is filled with pieces for any space and any style. We hope you’ll find something here that you love, and that adds a renewed sense of joy and meaning to your home.

A framed landscape art piece features a foggy river scene.
A landscape piece with a float-mounted canvas framed with rustic walnut wood.
A figure sketched on deckled-edge paper float mounted and framed in gold and ivory molding.
An oversized still life features indigo blooms, a cream linen liner, gold molding, and a wooden frame.
Textile art with warm motifs on a simple mat is framed in wood.
A grove of trees pencil sketched on antiqued paper that is float mounted on black matting and framed.