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Stories With Love

by Magnolia
Published on February 14, 2023

You know love when you experience it. Intentional conversation over coffee. A meal dropped off at the door. The celebration of a life, and life together. In all the forms love takes—love witnessed, given, and received—it’s hard not to be changed by its waves. Love ripples through us with no choice but to overflow into the people around us. And when we let it have its way, even the simplest gestures can carry something lasting.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked members from our Magnolia Perks Crew Facebook group (which you can learn about hereOpens in new tab) how they’ve experienced this very thing: celebrating the people in their life and, in turn, how they’ve been changed by the outpouring of someone else’s love.


What's your favorite way to celebrate someone you care about?

When my husband or I accomplish something (often menial), we jokingly say to the other: "Throw me a parade!" We then proceed to dance and parade around the house—with our dog often joining in on the celebration.

- Kaitlin N.

Just spending intentional time with them. Balloon arches, treats, gifts—they’re all wonderful. But having coffee or sharing a meal where we can simply be together is priceless.

- Nicole B.

What's the most intentional gift you've ever given someone?

I like to quilt, and I recently gifted my niece and her husband a king-sized quilt using a sweet floral print and fabrics from my personal stash. They loved it, which is just the best.

- Bonnie C.

After a mom has a baby, I like to do something just for her—whether it’s giving a gift card, a nice pair of pajamas, or just taking her out to eat. I also try to check in periodically, just so she can talk or ask for whatever she needs.

-Kelsi C.

Find a little something to encourage, show your appreciation, or even just because. Wrap it up and give it away, with love:


Let’s flip this around—describe a time you felt really seen, known, or loved by someone. How did they do it?

Last year for my birthday, my mom surprised me with a trip to Waco for Spring at the Silos. It’s been on my bucket list for forever—I never thought it’d happen. But she surprised me, and it was the best gift.

-Michelle M.

One of my dear friends is the queen of “real mail.” Handwritten cards, care packages, you name it. On one particularly bad day, I went to the post office and found a package that I immediately knew was from her (the scribbly handwriting gave it away). Inside was an assortment of special things—just because. She had no way of knowing, but that thoughtful gift came at just the right time.

-Angel H.

Describe a time you've been moved by someone's love and generosity toward you.

When my husband and I were sick, a friend dropped off a meal kit. They left it at the door and ran off so quickly. There was something about that—just leaving the gift and not expecting small talk or anything in return. I’ve started doing it myself when people are sick—just leaving a gift, running off, and texting to say I was thinking of them.

-Kaitlin N.

When I was 15, I rode the city bus down to the DMV by myself to get my driver’s permit. When I went to pay, I was a few dollars short. My parents weren’t able to help, so I called my grandpa. He dropped everything to come help me, and even treated me to lunch after. He’s the most selfless person I know, and my love for helping others comes from him.

-Michelle M.

When my mentor passed away, I told one of my friends and she quickly offered to help—to watch my kids, bring us dinner, anything. I was hesitant to accept because she has four young kids of her own and her time was already stretched so thin. But I chose to embrace her generosity, and I’m glad I did. It meant so much more than just bringing dinner. I knew what it cost her in time and patience to load up her family and show up at my door, ready to care for us. I felt so loved.

-Angel H.

The Perks Crew Facebook group is a place where you can share your stories, connect with other members and our staff, and enjoy more surprises along the way. We hope you’ll join us in helping this little corner of Magnolia feel more like home!