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Fixer Upper Season 5, Episode 17

by Joanna Gaines
Published on March 20, 2018

This family was looking to settle into a 100-year-old farmhouse here in the Waco area after living out of the country for 17 years. They loved the home’s character, but also wanted to infuse their eclectic style into it. I love the living room in this home because of the way we were able to feature collectibles from their world travels, while also establishing a twist on classic farmhouse style.

Put Your Favorites on Display

I drew so much of my design inspiration from the mementos the family collected while living abroad. These pieces come with great memories and stories which make them perfect additions to the living space. Bringing details like this into a design make even a new house feel lived in.


A Play on Color

I wanted to make sure that displaying so many of the family’s fun finds didn’t make the room feel cluttered. To achieve this, I stuck with white walls and a mix of both light colored and leather furniture for a neutral base. I wanted to bring in color and a more specific style, so I chose this large, antique red rug as a way to bring in a rich, bold story that I felt completed the room.


Layering Textures

This living room has it all: linen, wool, leather, metal, wood, concrete, wicker, glass—and even faux sheepskin. These textures all work together to bring this room to life and give it a really layered and cozy feel. Plus, the fun thing about eclectic style is that you get to toss the rules out the window and do your own thing. These textures give the space a fun personality that I love.

Creating Vignettes Within a Larger Room

This is a large living area, so I wanted to make sure it still felt quaint and cozy by setting up a few small vignettes—like this sitting area. A vignette is just a small space within a larger one that makes the room feel more personal. This particular vignette fills empty space while also setting up the room to be multi-functional. You could do the same thing by carving out a reading nook or setting up a study corner for the kids.


Unexpected Elements

Since this isn’t your average farmhouse, I wanted to incorporate something unexpected with the pattern on the stairs. The stairwell is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door so I wanted to find a unique way to update this 100-year-old staircase and set the tone for the design in the rest of the house.


Thanks again for watching with us! Here's a peek at more photos and details from The Ramsey House!