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Plants of Season 4

by Magnolia
Published on May 3, 2017

What is my absolute favorite part of finishing up a Fixer Upper project? That’s easy—adding plants. Honestly, I could spend hours in a greenhouse asking questions, picking things out and soaking it all in. To me, plants bring a space to life, and that is one of the best parts of personalizing a home for my clients.

Lately, I’ve been getting some questions about the plants I chose for Season 4, so today I decided to give you the scoop on a few of my favorites.

Olive Tree

An olive branch is a symbol of peace and is something I love to give as a gift or incorporate in a sunny corner of a home. The simplicity of Olive Trees is what makes them one of my favorites. These trees love sun and are sensitive—so try not to move it around too much after you’ve found the right spot.


I used this stuff all over the flip house. It grows like crazy, so use it when you’re looking for long, whimsical vines that drape down. It’s also a pretty popular houseplant, so it’s easy to find, too!  Hoya doesn’t require direct sunlight, but it definitely perks up when parked close to a window.

Snake Plant

This plant is a winner because it can survive with little care and hardly any light. If you’re new to plant care, this is a great starter. It’s also called the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue or Viper’s Bowstring Hemp.

String of Bananas

A fun name for a fun succulent. If you’re going for a more modern look, the “String of Bananas” is the plant for you. Hanging these on hooks in your ceiling is an easy way to bring a corner of your home to life—just be sure not to overwater!

Variegated Vinca

This plant grows like crazy and is low maintenance. Variegated Vinca thrives in just about every area, including shaded spots, so even if you don’t have the perfect “plant spot” in your house, try this. Just give it a little love and before you know it, it’ll be time to replant in a bigger pot.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree grows about 6 feet tall indoors - sometimes even taller! If you have the patience and a green thumb, you can save some cash and buy it as a baby fiddle. Just keep in mind, they are sometimes a little testy, so finding the right sun might be a trick. But this is one I will always have around. I love their big green leaves, and I especially appreciate that no two are just alike


My girls use this sweet little plant as ground cover in their fairy gardens, so it’s all over my greenhouse. In season 4, I used it a lot as the perfect plant to complete a bookshelf or coffee table.

Night Blooming Cereus

This is a low maintenance cactus plant—that only blooms at night! The best part about this thing is that it requires minimal watering and can handle low-sun areas. I used this in a few different places in the Wixsom home, because it gives off the same modern, unique vibe that this project did.

Creeping Jenny

This plant is hardy and can survive in sun or shade. I love the shape of it. It can be used for groundcover, but I love the way it hangs happily over the side of the pot it’s planted in. This thing lives up to it’s grows fast and can be pretty invasive. So keep that in mind when planting.

Elephant Bush

Indoors, these need a warm room with lots of light. And don’t overwater! These tend to grow straight upright, so they add lots of height and texture to shelving. It’s been one of my favorites from this past season. This is a plant I love to couple with the String of Bananas Succulent from earlier in the post. They’re both in the succulent family and look great side by side.

Most of you know I’m a self proclaimed plant lady, so I’m constantly on the lookout for my new favorites. And it’s worth noting that most of these plants can be found at your local nursery or even home improvement store. Do you have any plants that I should check out on my next trip to the nursery? Comment below and you may find them in season 5!